Ronaldo Fenomeno goal in 14sec

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isn’t it a amazing goal !!!


arvin khanian says:

Zinedine zidane nr 5????

MultiPirmin says:

amazing galacticos *-*

Renzky says:

Actually they are on the same level.. have you seen Beckham’s long passes and deep passes? Its not that you cant compare them its just he had different role. For example Alonso will never be seen as a legend for the 11/12 record season unlike c.ronaldo and casillas, while alonso was actually the key. And i think beckham was the best freekick taker and cornertaker Real has ever had.

Saxeras says:

Says the 13 year old girl.

ShadeXH says:

Wrong Ronaldo, buddy.

ShadeXH says:

What? Guy was an absolute goal machine. Doesn’t he have the club record for goals at RM?

yahudi hamudi says:

now he is eaiting a big mac in 14 sec

FloribellaVsDB says:

Your opinion my friend… its so valid as mine, different but valid. :)

negroantunez says:

Not only that, Raul was horrible.

Tanja Gajic says:


Lepurute ehehe says:

when Real Madrid played for fun instead of beaing sold, earning money…

RealNarod28 says:

I’m so lucky that this video is about real Ronaldo and not about that shampoo dude that plays for Real now. I was actually expecting to see him, because Youtube is flooded with this CR7 shit.

anormalnick says:

fair? hahaha..Im Real Madrid fanatic and of course, Figo fan too.
But saying that he was fair is the most failed stuff I ever read..
Luis Figo injured a player for life in one of the most horrible tackle ever….

anormalnick says:


huazhosexta says:

Real madrid goal , no cristiano alone , but BIG CR7!!

emretygadrake says:

Now he can eat 17 chicken wings in 14 sek.

Solfofon Feys says:


Matixon150 says:

0:16 è gol

lucasplus10 says:

True that man, not that Beckham isn’t an awesome player, but he gets more credit than he desserves when it comes to soccer

vikonja121 says:

Raul – Beckham – Zidane – Carlos – and then Ronaldo.
You don’t need anything more to score a goal than that relation.

TheStiffmeister14 says:

You know , Beckham was not really a Real Madrid legend…he was brought in for the publicity mostly . You can’t compare Beckham with Zidane , Ronaldo , R.Carlos , Raul , Figo etc.

bluzercic says:

your opinion sucks. 

DerSalamimann says:

In My Opinion was Luis Figo the best Player of the World, because he was fair and sympatic :)

ntn777 says:

Beckham wasn’t half the player he was in Man. United, so the “galacticos” to me was Ronaldo, Zidane, R.Carlos and Luis Figo

SrbijaUbijaNabija says:

Beckham,Ronaldo,Zidane,R.Carlos These were players !!

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