Zidane top 20

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I got the music from here: www.youtube.com If you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap – search for “With A Spirit” by 009 Sound System per tutti quelli contro le testate

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raphaelstoecklirs says:

1:28 Hardcore Bitch 😀

karlieto says:

i came here for 1:00

daio2010dl says:

q porcaria…

tondekanzz gaban says:

OMG! how can I surf internet! I didn’t even have any computer!

michel claudio says:


MsPandoR says:

laughed like a madman

stickmansam2100 says:

Hillarious as hell!

0123mala says:

What Did I Just Wathched

Sakim15 says:

hahahahhahahaha no, you shame xD
yes i live in poland and what xD ?

Wh1t3sftw says:

what are you?! an arab who live in a pure white country like poland?! shame on you mulatto bastard.

Sakim15 says:

You veeeeeeeery funny 😀
Materrrrrrrrrrazzzziiii is piece of italian shit, why he play in my favorite club ? 

fadasala says:

2:01 hahaha!!

Wh1t3sftw says:

obviously you aren’t coz you are the scum, instead i’m the excellence.

Ashraf ParisSg says:

1:28 hahahhahahahaha

Wh1t3sftw says:

Materazzi, with 1 “R”…spell it right coz he is the best player in the world!!!
zidane, the barber cameleer shit-eater, sucks!!!

iDannyOps says:

why so much hate man ? 

Tariq Omar says:

fuck u mother fucker

NieomylnieJa says:

well, mr. hypocrite sory to say, but you ARE. Calling him a “nazi shit” makes you as stereotypical as he is, plus you’r hypocrite. I’m kinda racist, just don’t like some nations for some reasons, but I never throw a shit at anyones face.

ced68rgsdgsdwtg says:

bande de fils de pute vou me faite vrement de la peine apres tous se que zizou a fai du debut a la fin on ne peu pas lui reprocher une faute a la fin de sa cariere materrazi moi jlencule se fils de pute et au passage jencule tous les rageu ki parle bete alor que la plupart ne connaissent rien a u footbal et uiiii allé tous nikée vos mere

Wh1t3sftw says:

all french are shitty brown arabic moslems and niggers!!!

Husam Ali says:

yes and we are proud u *******

opwrwpr says:

Haha do not offend me I am a arabic too I hope that does not respond to that redneck ?

HichemRS7 says:

Yes it pose you a problem,Nazi?

opwrwpr says:

?You are arabic

thomas tran chan says:

nique cette merde de materrazi qui a foutut la fin de sa carière

Wh1t3sftw says:

wow fucking arabs are really invading europe, you shitty brown scum are writing me from all over europe lawl….don’t worry…your extermination is near. LOL

reptilioable says:

shut the fuck up u expired stupid retarded racist ugly mother fuckin dickface asshole

Wh1t3sftw says:

sieg heil fucking nigger, Sieg Heil!!! o

HichemRS7 says:

At least I’m not a racist, Nazi shit, asshole!

Nicholas Lee says:

1:28 LOL

Wh1t3sftw says:

shut the fuck up, shitty brown bastard!!!

HichemRS7 says:

Go fuck you racist shit,you should die

Wh1t3sftw says:

fucking arabs they stand all with zidane because he is a shitty moslem arab motherfucker like them!! lawl

thatinhamelo says:

tb tou morrendo de rir dessa parte =D huahauhauhauahuahuahauh

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