Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew”

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Pepsi MAX went to a pick-up game in Bloomfield, NJ pretending to shoot a documentary on a basketball player named “Kevin.” When his Uncle Drew came into the game, some magical things happened.


USmilitaryforces says:

I love how he pulls his Nike elites over his sweatpants.

Gary Leaf says:

does anyone know what shoes he was wearing?

ignacq133 says:

Oh yeah, and of course it is coincidence, that girl on this video drinks PEPSI MAX. I’m sure it’s coincidence. SEEMS LEGIT.

machettman says:

this kids handles is incredible and fast. and he fakes hard. 

workh4rd says:

The spectators and the players, do they know???

quickmoneymaka says:


MrAzzadogga says:

“Dont Reach young blood…dont reach” lol

dukefan4life777 says:

He said sneakers not niggas

MrBenjoy1 says:

You sure you don’t wana switch niggas ?

Christian Lanzini says:

bien joué le jeune vieux!

TemiDaKing says:

Don’t reach young blood. Lol to funny

Awaveboarder says:

that aint no grandpa

dragontony1000 says:

i know right

dragontony1000 says:


dasupasin says:

They didn’t, they only found out at the end.

MegaSpaceUnicorn says:

Check this out(lfunny nba video,use the link) watch?v=qJKd1kaCfdA

MegaSpaceUnicorn says:

Check this out(funnyNBA exclusive video,use the link) watch?v=qJKd1kaCfdA

Maestro Emmanuel says:

very” like this y

rocketsyanksraiders1 says:

Jason Kidd is 39, he would probably lose

Aramizen says:

guys you got to understand its a commercial the players dont get fooled by the look, they know who it is.

Geniusub says:

896 guys don’t have an uncle

GoOnM8 says:

killing myself brb.

1990banks says:

That was simply AMAZING!

jared murphy says:

Am I the only one that wanted to see their reaction when they found out who it was?

treemansam says:

girls are definitely staged though, look at them pepsi max bottles

cabgt says:

Wasn’t staged. People thought a documentary was being filmed on basketball. Only two other guys on the court knew it was a setup.

BEAGLE1226 says:

894 youngbloods who don’t practice fundamentals disliked this video

Jonathan Jackson says:

Freakin beast!!

Bruno34741 says:


ImThatDopeKid says:

….that’s EXACTLY what I fucking did!

Dolcecinnamon says:


HoLyzPiNoyZ says:

whats the title?

dasupasin says:

Sneakers, not niggas

siafusiafu says:

shit yeah, that is exactly what i did!

Empty Your Mind Water In The Cup says:

dam you lol!

KKurt8892 says:

I love the subtlety place pepsis

ConnorGlass121 says:

they shoulda used someone who can act a little. this could’ve been so much funnier if kyrie didn’t sound like any idiot tryin to do an old man voice

biscanin258 says:

hey guys, whats the name of instrumental in the background??

radel096 says:

you wanna switch niggas

DoTtA1123 says:

I wish my uncle was like this

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