Drake – All Me ft. Big Sean & 2 Chainz (Lyrics On Screen)

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Yovani Crespo says:

Like this if you got IOS 7

Cedric Harrison says:

All me for real

Ted Soloman says:

How did 2chainz go pro? Amateur at best…

Jaun Sanchez says:

Lol How Stfu

Phila Magida says:

big sean smashed dc shit

StreetPlaya43 says:

Drake gives me a hard onnnnnnnnnn

Young N says:

SEARCH, YOUNG N – Picasso Baby
#NextUp #XXL14

Colby B. says:

Does this feel a little slowed to anyone else?

Never Mind says:

Look at your name.

Will Blair says:

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88kinglou says:

Big sean part is so shit ffs

88kinglou says:

That’s all me

Tyler Mastalerz says:

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Tarik Elbarkaoui says:

stu terrorists

Haley Rawlings says:

This that song! This my shit tho <3

lynettesalas7 says:

I love it3

lifesgreatlessons says:

This beat comes from a old three 6 mafia song off of 6661 world domination

Danna White says:

this , bass boosted >>>>.

Daquan Jefferson says:

I was thinking the same but I think it makes them smart when you rhyme the same word

EnzzScrillaMusic says:

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Nearest Gantt says:

I wanna listen to 2 Chainz read the Box Car Children series..

Nearest Gantt says:

2 Chainz is fuckin hilarious

RVaLey says:

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james montgomery says:

big sean gotta chill with that hoe shutnthe fuck up no dumb shit but it felt wrong towards women

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