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After watching some clips we saw this strange thing!


babbygurlbleich says:

this was the fakest thing i have ever seen attempted to try to say he was a ghost… not trying to be mean but that was totally fake. a real ghost would have been see through and not that plain as day

Doogy Dawg says:

freaken racist fuck you

Couldbeme1000 says:


MrJimmy8999 says:

Somebody please remove this jerk name out from Youtube forever. Not interesting at all.

MrJason1969 says:

Fuck off loser

joyce marra says:

hahaha lol he pointing at that poor guy!! hes innusint yea i spelled it wrong!!!!!

Géza Kovászos says:

What the fuck??!!! Where is the ghost??!!

Roslamos Asmas says:


geniunejc says:

too much time on your sad little hands my friend!!!

leinaddf says:

Another person who needs attention…

artmaster274 says:

i cant 3 anything, even with a red ring

Fryslan0puch says:

whut xD

Diane Alexander says:

what kinda stupid fuck video is this? how fucking dumb…..DISLIKE!!!

KarmaLee1979 says:


Humma Sond says:

the like bar is a lightsaber

Sara Malone says:

why ghost? i have pictures of orbs, or extreme video distortion when it’s more than 3, or even voices caught in almost every single video or Audio recording done in my home! I can see that people may not always believe, but really if the people saw a person floating in the air when she was holding em up or even the board creek when she jumped w/no person doing it they would be freaking out! you are the reason that people don’t believe when a person says honestly, look at this!!

katiefulloflove says:


hannah keith says:

fake its a person stupid aint i right everybody well i want to punch you i wanted to see some real action

Chris Bonilla says:

actually the person who posted this is from Denmark. I doubt that he is black since Denmark is predominately white.

Chris Bonilla says:

It is so funny how we can dish out shit but can not take it when we think it is being done to us. Did you know that the person who posted this video is a 46 year old from Denmark. I really don’t believe it is a black person who posted. it was done as a joke not as a racist anything. don’t jump to conclusions all the time

mariwanakid says:

Gonna be honest. I like the premise.

andrewgarza92ify says:

Your a gay son of a bitch go fuck yourself !

spectramh says:

This is rude

Rae Holt says:

this is not a funny clip at all~show poor taste and cruel~come on this just wrong!!!!!!! get a life and attitude fix~NOT FUNNY in any ways~did i say that enough time yet or in enough different ways~???????

luvdougie2 says:

uhm……not funny.

LOLTalentPromoters09 says:

this is bullshit!! go fuck urself!!

Caroline Baird says:

That is just curel and yes someone must be jealous

Khalid Arzamendi says:

What the hell is this!!

polishAV8R says:

Somebody’s jealous whahahah

olie glorioso says:

you’re making out of sense. do you>?

tomjacob94 says:

If you want to watch some real ghosts, then check out dorset ghosts channel. They are the best on youtube with over 35,000 subscribers now.

AtheistORMR says:

It appears that everyone has lost their fucking sense of humor. Mayhap they didn’t have one in the first place… Oh well. Fuck the civilians.

pmoney6898 says:

the ghost likes little boys

gl00myburr says:

That ghost was scary as shit though.

gl00myburr says:

Fuck white people!

A332211Shots says:

Im white bro and i found this fair funny so shut the fuck up with this racist shit

wolfgirl4life1210 says:

racist what the fuck

njamesification says:

fucking racist asshole what the hell is wrong with you!?

s123rew says:

a load of fucking crap

Y2JFAN18375 says:

I never saw any ghost, but the first one was just the lighting mixed with the shadows at the other dancers.

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