Chromebook: Virus Protection

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How do you protect a Chromebook from viruses? Learn more at


natman40418 says:

Cucumber Le cure smells horrible

Rhys Murphy says:

First thing that came into these guys minds: Is it an alcohol hand sanitizer, or a hydrogen compound?

Me: He’s gonna fap.

TVforMiners says:

But what if i doesnt.

SpectronTom says:

I searched this video after I saw the ad because I thought this is what all the comments would say, but apparently we’re the only ones who think like that! haha… The first thought that comes to my head is why am I about to watch a pov of someone fapping with Lube :L 

grdmartinez3 says:


Quotatron3000 says:

The ad’s succinct way of saying ‘you can’t protect it from viruses’, for when they do develop viruses for it (because, you know, obscurity and novelty of design are not security).

1dalmation1 says:

What Google really did for this ad was film someone getting ready to fap and cut out the part where you could hear the zipper being undone.

59211bart says:

Chromebooks are shipped with Chrome OS, which uses the Linux kernel

59211bart says:

Lolage, bacteria can cause viruses

Gemma Mullins says:

which hand sanitizer does google recomend?

Gemma Mullins says:

the american ones are funnier

rexza73 says:

They Use ChromeTizer XD

Maaike88888888 says:

which music is playing at the end?

Billy Mahmood says:

Yes it kills bacteria so your Chromebook does not get viruses, pritty simple message really!

Trystalot says:

…by not connecting it to the internet ever.

Nicholasc99 says:

Cause it doesn’t run windows. XD, or, any NORMAL OS

Cam Hovell says:

If it contains a hydrogen compound, it will kill viruses

MrRealtalkz says:

Thats nothing compared to the fact the you CAN NOT kill viruses using sanitizer! …hate nothing too much bio sometimes -__-

rjv361 says:

Na I liked this one.

NoUploadsEver says:

How utterly stupid and misleading.

No system is safe from Viruses, telling customers that it is somehow magically immune is a lie.

hughfilmz says:

the awkward moment when you realise that’s lube

Telamon8 says:

Competition? Challenge possible.

lolololzorski says:

Anyone else who hates this commercial?

ByVxIJa says:

i’ll have 2rootkits and 4trojans onit without them getting detected within 10minutes.

coolsvilleowner says:

So this guys jus casually putting lotion on his hands… while his spam box of viagra is open

jerrythedutchmapler says:

And THIS is how you completely skip an advertisement.
*uses adblock*

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