How to make fire using only a Orange

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I show you how to make fire using only an orange a stick and a rock….. watch this how to cut the top of a beer bottle off with a butter knife 화재에만 오렌지를 사용하는 방법 mrhappy0121 see the lock picking video YouTube doesn’t want you to see (because it works) must be 18 //


djsheets17 says:

Didn’t pan down when creating friction, I call bull Shit used a lighter or a match..

Bozkurt Alparslan says:

that google advertising make me crayzzzz…. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe Lyons says:

Yes! : )

amcpowayea says:

orange you glad i commented?

amcpowayea says:

well if i remember to bring an orange i sure in fuck will remember to bring a lighter , matches, flint , something

TheArabsolga says:

look who’s talkin

Nekonina says:

You need a new hobby >.>

kaguilar9989 says:

Yet again… Youre witty

kaguilar9989 says:

Haha Best. Response. Ever.

mrhappy0121 says:

this will come as a shock but you can open an orange without a knife

perfectsituation100 says:

wait he said using only an orange yet he uses a knife?

ZIDZILA900 says:

Use this to light me a bowl

PaulIndianSprings says:

get a life

sephyroth88 says:

“How to make fire using only a Orange”

ONLY ORANGE kk bro!!

jdlsnd123 says:

Sure dude make it with flint the most “Flameable” rock…

AnyaPanyaa says:

if i only had an orange how would i cut it with a knife?

kawaiiaix says:

I’m actually going to grab an orange out of the fridge, a rock from the garden and a stick after it stops raining, then try this out..i love survival notes like this…now to learn how to Hotwire a car..

ritchiegwapo says:

do you play aqw?…

BrianKW619 says:

next time…have your camera man focus on the object and not on you. The camera was off the orange long enough to make unbelievable and unauthentic. But will try it on my own.

konman001 says:

illegal orange-picking immigrants in California?

- I must be on the weird side of YouTube

mrhappy0121 says:

? I’m from California

Victoria Stephen says:


RanDumbKrapSm00thE says:

“pretty much any hard form of rock…” XD

nebulousJames12345 says:

it seems you also need a plate, a knife, a rock, a stick, fingers, hands, arms, brain, oxygen, ligaments, joints, bones and more. Seems you should rename the vid!

neosparten says:

the flamability comes from orange oil in the peel which is any citrus fruits like lemon and orange but the oil can’t and doesn’t burn like this as there is no oil inside the orange only in the peel

Gravity431Zero says:

So I got my orange (and nothing else because that’s the most convenient thing to grab in that situation) in the woods no food or water with a bunch of leaves and stones. I would feel kinda’ stupid for grabbing the orange and nothing else.

mrhappy0121 says:

HanK Green Is a goober in the same video he says you can’t tip a cow

BiscuitsWitLegs says:

Does A Bear Shit in the woods?

angelo2940 says:

More than an orange

MPSecare says:

i’m actually typing this on an orange powered android

queermm says:

Who gets stranded in the middle of nowhere with an orange?

MegaGuy123123 says:

Love reading the comments lolz

starsandpumpkins says:

eyelash cancer?

phenixblows says:

SO ” get as much juice out as you can” huh

BeRad117 says:

Do not, and I repeat do NOT! Try this with a grape fruit! I did, and it gave off a horrible radiation and I tried to cover my eyes with my hands but it was too late… I’m now suffering from eyelash cancer.

itman333 says:

I love the camera man breathing heavily the whole time.

mrhappy0121 says:

uh…… is that some kind of reference to the size of thier dongs……. what the hell is wrong with you man

mrhappy0121 says:

yes because you can recognize your own

lazuli15 says:

scout lessons.. though you didn’t use ropes

Tom Roylance says:

vlog bros. anyone?

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