ARC-CSI Crash test of Maxim into Van

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High-speed video of a 1985 Yamaha Maxim 700 motorcycle striking the side of a van with an articulated dummy rider. Impact speed was measured by timing traps to be 35mph. Video shot with Casio Exilim EX-F1 at 300fps (plays at 1/10th speed). Test conducted at LVMS in Las Vegas, June 1, 2008. The conference info is online here:


IThinkBeyond says:

Why would anyone test crash a motorcycle. It is NOT going to survive, EVER!

cornpastiemp says:

Is the bike alright? Poor bike :(

moutainlion85 says:

It’s ok he is wearing a steelers jersey. (:

MrMEApollo says:

looks more like a crash test for the safety of the bike and not the person

phillys976 says:

Nut shot on the tank. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrChaoticAttractor says:

The best use for a Maxim

towert7 says:

Thank you.

anotherstupidname2 says:

Actual impact speed thru the traps was 35mph.

KentStyles says:

video làm

JPrandy1 says:

dam they fuckt up that perfectly good mexiVan for nothing

anotherstupidname2 says:


t1sutton says:

0:04 – failed ‘frog leap over minivan’

RaptorDiablo says:


Qrtrmileracer says:

rothlesberger jersey? i see what you did there. 😀

doogtrio says:

Is the dummy riding the bike ok?

anotherstupidname2 says:

Dear AFZombie: No need to be rude. You’ve misunderstood me: I didn’t mean to say the OEMs don’t care about safety. They obviously do, and have to in modern times. What the OEMs don’t much care about, I don’t think, is measuring fork crush on old/used bikes in tests like this and calculating speed at impact. FYI, Honda hasn’t just been “testing airbags”, they have been selling them on the high-end Goldwings for a couple years (in the US, at least).

AFZombie says:

Actually yes you dipshit. Honda even has been testing airbags, to keep exactly what you see from happening, the rider being ejected forward into danger.

eXtremist87 says:

you WILL die if you don’t wear a helmet..

Denis Bob says:

put a helmet on him and he would have been fine…. ;D

MoonWRD says:

Он выжил.жратые всегда выживают)

XDarkR3aperX says:

Yes , I was replying to the other guy who thought that it was a real person .. it says in the info that it’s a doll ..

anotherstupidname2 says:

That’s because it _is_ a doll…just a big heavy doll.

XDarkR3aperX says:

look at 00:03 the movement of the body.. it’s unatural , like a fake doll …

anotherstupidname2 says:

My response was to the comment that “if you crash, you’re dead”. I agree, this was pretty severe, and I’d say less than 50-50 survival based on my caseload, but I just deal with the wrecks…not the people. Survive or not, this would be a shitty shitty day.

nickshoes says:

eh unfortunately most crashes like this one do in fact kill the rider

Diego Pereira says:

You’re lying, its a human i can see the difference of a manikin and a human!

Grenendel says:

is he dead … ??

Smoke666ify says:

Holly shit!

vonShpitzberg says:

The bike looks extremly similiar like Kawasaki Eliminator. ..

towert7 says:

Estimating it looks like the bike traveled 88inches in approx 2 seconds at 1/10th the speed which translates into roughly 25mph.  Is this the actual impact speed?

towert7 says:

What was the impact speed of the motorcycle? 15mph, 30, 45, 60?

Sirolism says:

Hahaha. Roethlisberger jersey. He wrecked w/ no helmet.

TheHarryGitarre says:

Are you OK?

nate18871 says:

You might survive if the window was rolled down…. :S

darkwavey says:

I dont belive that

Bubciu3run says:

It was an immigrant from Russia. They gave him a bottle of vodka to do it.

i5sat says:

He was already dead.

s3dchr says:

like destroyed face isnt enough: look at his knees and crotch…

mcrvsrms says:

at least he’s in one piece,,, i can’t say that for most of my friends

tuxfan212 says:

Motorcycle crashes are like car crashes. If your not an idiot and where a helmet and preferably some crash gear you have a high chance of survival. Speed, carelessness, and other dangerous activities is what kills motorcyclists. Motorcycles provide less protection than most vehicles but are also more likely to be able to avoid an accident.

If you aren’t wearing a helmet than yes your very likely to end up “fucking dead”… If you don’t wear crash gear your going to wish you were dead…


respect to the rider..

azzanuts1 says:

Whats the point of a test like that. Were they seeing if you should wear a seat belt on a bike or what, no matter the out come your gonna end up in hospital from a collision like that.

pumbitacheif says:

f**kin van tires came off the ground

LinesGrey says:

one second in silence for the manikin

eisenherz188 says:

a lil bit fast and his head ripped off

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