Robot Violinist

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Toyota have unveiled a new robot that can play the violin. Albeit not particularly well. Where else to find Diagonal View… FOLLOW us on Twitter: or LIKE us on Facebook: check out our Robot themed playlist @


Bullski123 says:

imagine an orchestra of those….

0000thief says:

That s why i cant play a violin – i have no soul.

pflaumenhaggis says:

no feelings.  crap. a robot will never do great music!!!

volaverunt0pus666 says:

Sounds whit out feeling. But is awsome!

lolmanlolify says:

“Qidely used in homes and factories by 2010.”, keep dreaming Japan.

hotheazs6 says:

The music feels so empty nonetheless less its intresting to see a robot do this

GanjaGrowers says:

thanks for announcing yourself. now i know a retard is here i will stay seated.

rockusa4 says:

same thing they said as well 70 years ago about human clones who play a lot better the violin than robots do.

0000thief says:

Somewhere 30-50 years ago people argued that computers will never play chess at level of human chess master. Nowadays it s opposite – you cant play chess at high computer level, because you re a human. It will be the same with violin.

watts887 says:

What are you trying to say?

theviewerofart says:

This robot is in an ‘infant stage’, as someone else replied to me earlier. It’s a machine that only vaguely resembles us in every way, including how it produces music. Therefore, it sounds synthetic. Machine-like.
Now, if this robot were a fully synthetic human, every muscle fibre and neuron network copied perfectly, it should produce the same music we could. As it stands, it can not.
Not saying it isn’t possible, just that this robot can’t do it yet.

shono1997 says:

what i meant when i said tht was a reply to when u say hopefully they don’t get a soul

shono1997 says:

and emotion the brain is not only thing in music we put emotion and hard work into are music of this nature

shono1997 says:

i don’t see were your coming from iv been a dedicated musician since i was 9 im 17 now and this is the first year im not plyn clarinet and iv had many of my orchestra dedicated freands listen to this also they don’t see your point in synthetic sound it sounds normal i bet if u didn’t see tht robot u wouldn’t here it tht way your mind preseves the image and makes u think off it tht way it if you didnt see the robot it wouldn’t sound tht way its simple human biology not to be rude just saying

shono1997 says:

why not only a true idiot would consider a robot violent at first glance of intelligence go to amazing robot rescue team vid and read my comments in reply to XxXRangerXxX on his heroes today skynet to marrow comment i go in full detail on how its possible but unlikely in 3 short paragraphs

SgtDeepshit says:

I’d be happy to have my sould removed.
Who needs it?
I’d rather shoot lazers and extend my bodyparts than feeling sorry for fat chinese kids getting stuck in a sewer.

Aron8105 says:

dime al menos 2 diferencias fisicas de un japones y un chino……

saif al Khamiri says:

whats the song called that the robot was playing i like it

bryan999rage says:

Creo que eres un racista idiota e ignorante, eso es lo que pienso. Los dos paises, y su populacion, son completamente distintos, su apariencia es completamente diferente, los ojos puede que sean un poco iguales, pero el resto es extremadamente distinto. La unica razon que puedo encontrar para que tu hiceras un comentario tan estupido como ese es por que has visto demasiados “shows” que parodian a los Japoneses, tan estupidos que no pueden diferenciar un pais de el otro.

watts887 says:

In one area or another.

watts887 says:

It’s like you’re arguing about a child who’s practiced playing violin a lot vs. an adult who’s very talented. This robot is in a “child” stage. We haven’t gotten to the point where we can create complex robots yet so ofc what they do isn’t very complex either. Though, since he IS a robot, at least he’s playing the piece correctly, as opposed to a kid who even if he practices, might still get a few off key notes.
The human element that you’re referring to is the complexity of the brain.

Aron8105 says:

y como mierda kieres ke le diga a las personas de ojos rasgados??

theviewerofart says:

Why? Music might just be a series of sounds produced by vibrations, but despite that he seems to have a point. The music played by this robot somehow just SOUNDS synthetic. Real, but not real at the same time. Fabricated rather than crafted. If that difference can be heard, then how is he a retard for pointing this out? Is it just because he used the word “soul” to describe the human element?

sa3ood16 says:

xD i know

bryan999rage says:

Sometimes yes, and sometimes not. As the guy said, the brain is very complex, and get scientists still need to discover its wonders. Still, the human body is not perfect, and as it has been confirmed, robots and humans, although they are not programmed by the same machinery, consist of a system of veins/cables, microchip/brain, motor/hearth and other organs/system.The only people, mostly, who argue that robots and humans will make a war against each others will be the religious ones mostly.

bryan999rage says:

Japon y China no son el mismo pais, tonto.

bryan999rage says:

Sorry to break to you, but it is not.

Tarinob says:

Programmed. There are no real artificial intelligences that are more intelligent as a worm.

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