Ellen Scares the New Staffer!

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Ellen welcomed her new staff member, Allison, by giving her some hilarious holiday-themed scares!


SnowBasic says:

anyone else think Allison is hot?

Aleksandra Petrov says:

They did, but she was like a stone

JamesonBondy says:

And then she was let go because they only needed her for the pranks….

Allie Dodd says:

they try. they fail…

southrocksbruce says:

Very good at what she does for a living Ellen is brilliant

Fernando Melendez says:

Allyson was on Mtv’s reality show “The City”

BekNatVids says:

me too :p

samir munenaka says:


Potatus Pommel says:

you think she got a sag voucher?

Tina Km says:

nobody can scare Ellen

Albairis Ch says:

it must be amazing working with ellen..I wish I could work there!

Ali Altair says:

what is theme in the video

Maria Faria says:

Ellen is the best

Reagan Robinson says:


giantchoccookie says:

It’s Tchaikovsky’s dance of the sugar plum fairy :/

chayan das says:

Bangla movie song

M Rodriguez says:

peanut jelly…..LMAO

Lauren P says:

Dance of the Sugarplum fairy or something haha

dickslap37 says:

did the first ghost really wait in the closet for 45 minutes?

Aliya Z says:

lmao i love how the 0:43 the lady is putting paper down into the printer down the hall looks up and then looks down again! shes all like normal day at work!

jadiskris says:

would anyone please kindly tell me the song at 0:36? Thank you!

peanutjelly says:

“Go work for the Ellen show,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

adeleisawesome123 says:


ohsnapitsshilla says:

is it me or the fisheye makes the door looks like it was folded?._.

absolutelyunique117 says:

i love the woman in the background at 00:43, just like yep

Elizabeth Anne says:

i love how all the other staff members are so desensitized xD

Dominique Renchet Bouffard says:


Pierre Blackburn says:

you pretended there was a spider on your picture … now i have to pretend there isn’t a hole in my screen

Michelle Lopez says:

Ha ha ha Thats Awesome!!!!

ToxicKatt13 says:

Hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha ohhhhhh man. The way she checked the closet. So cute.

girlXDmysterio says:

So basically you work for Ellen at your own risk.

Matthew Milia says:

I not afraid of monsters in the closet I’m only afraid of alien

Nandu P says:

You know how little kids are afraid of a monster in their closet? Well they should be afraid of Ellen in their closet!

Charlie Martinez says:


andrea look says:

i want staff to scare ellen

Jamie Hurren says:

I love how the other staff members just carry on as though nothing happened!

Trifaceable says:

They should have scared her two times and then stop. Keep her on edge for the whole day 😀

VulkanTheDK says:

Looks so fun to work there 😀

EqualityIsAwesome says:

i love how the people in the back round just keep working, their all like”yup, just another day at the Ellen show’

directioner4846 says:

Even I have arachnophobia and I like the right half of your profile pic

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