Ferocious WHITE SHARK Fast Killing Machine

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www.elvisface.com Look what happens when a great white shark hunt a human! Unfortunately the man has no chance. The attack is lethal. His bite kill \ face off \ big killer white shark vs human \ animal fish planet ocean zoo predator \ untamed and uncut, Animals unique characteristics….


mad101eline says:

thats sad…not funny.

vbombv2 says:

1:16 scooby doo moment

MegaSuckitutube says:

I was hoping on of the victims would be Justin Bieber.

TheDrummerman1951 says:

very lame

aidanmccormick says:

Soo fake

Kévin Papes says:

Souvent des fakes nan ?

knjjb727 says:

The only reason the sharks attack boats ,surfers and divers is because they resemble fish sharks do not like the taste of human flesh thats why they only bite once then leave …. Most times anyway

courther says:

There would be brown stains and lumps floating in the water if I looked back and saw this 1:15

bongshang says:

Why are you showing these horrific fake images? Mother nature channel? Bloody idiot channel more like. These are the kind of images that help promote shark killing throughout the world. Please remove this video if you care at all about nature

MamaSlater says:

omg those things are big man

Gabriel Sherlock says:

1:04 Get Outta The Way Im Watching The Sea?

Michael MYERS says:

1:25 fake this is a film !

amguitarman says:

Come on! At least use a screen from a better Jaws movie.

BreatheLetGo says:

haha 50 seconds the kids like HOLY FUCK GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

TheRandomAssassins says:

OH YEA that’s bullshit sharks attack i know you may not want to believe it but its true sorry to say but i always wanted to swim with a shark like the biggest shark out there…

brittney nichols says:

just to let all of u know sark rell do not attack people or humans unless you are messing wth them!!!!

Elizabeth Robinson says:

poor people

RayGirl0214 says:

what the reall at :50 he just had to b Blk

zMeMarshaLL BR says:

1:16 GAME OVER ‘-‘

Shatokhan says:


seanray29 says:

oh my f*** a shark was about to eat a baby

justinbeiberhottiful says:

bradypieters the shark is real if it was fake how come she was bleeding

smythor says:

Mayhem Is Serious

bradypieters says:

abviously only ad 1:37 its fake. Shark is way too cute.

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