People Who Love Giraffes Who Love Giraffes

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In which John asks the Nerdfighters to ask him questions, and shares some outtakes from the last Question Tuesday. Thanks to Alan (fallofautumndistro) for help with the pictures. HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: Hank’s Music: John’s Books: ====================== Hank’s Twitter: Hank’s Facebook: Hank’s tumblr: John’s Twitter John’s Facebook: John’s tumblr: ====================== Other Channels Crash Course SciShow: Gaming: VidCon: Hank’s Channel: Truth or Fail: ====================== Nerdfighteria A Bunny (\(\ ( – -) ((‘) (‘)


mitumituhanagobimita says:

【】皆様にご相談があります…どなたかお金にお困りの方おりませんか?私は自分のお金の使い道に困っております。自分の諸事情なのですが…どなたか5,000,000円受け取って下さる方いらっしゃいませんか?どなたにでもお譲り致します。条件等は一切ございません。いきなりこんな所に書き込んでしまって失礼を承知の上ですが、どなたかに受け取って頂きたく思っております。受け取って頂けるという方は、こちらから【】と又は、youtube内動画検索にて『 よふさ 』から受取人様の準備がととのい次第、最短で30分でお受け取りいただけます。急な話で信じられないかもしれませんが、人生の転機は急に訪れるものです。お困りの方はご連絡の方お待ちしております。準備は出来ていますので本日中にでもお渡しできます。

42networks says:

People come to see giraffes skoodleypooping and leave when John starts talking about his hair.

MrCalzilla says:

I think it’s more because the thumbnail attracts pervs who are expecting giraffe sex.

fragmental says:

I just saw an ad…first ad on a vlogbrothers video I’ve ever seen. When I exited full screen to survey to situation and see if something weird had happened, it was gone. There were dogs in the ad.

Pkuppal112 says:

I think there’s 3 reasons: 1. John says that Hank usually has the most viewed videos, 2. the thumbnail is of 2 giraffes getting it on, and 3. His answers dealt with a much more diverse set of topics than they usually do.
Nerdfighters, being awesome, tried to change fact 1, and people on Youtube are weirdly fascinated by fact 2.

Pkuppal112 says:

Two reasons probably. 1. Ron Paul supporters may have disliked John’s statements and 2. people who were looking for a video of giraffes getting it on were saddened by the fact that the video had next to nothing to do with the thumbnail

TheFunkyMountaineer says:

I honestly don’t understand why the other Ron Paul supporters were so offended.It was a joke.

TheFunkyMountaineer says:

Fedoras are awesome.

SmilingJack100 says:

wow….look at this, one of the most disliked videos, all because of a 4 seconds extremely mild dig at Ron Paul, I have to say, Ron Paul fanboys are some of the most easily offended people on the planet.

shannygurlable says:

I was just reading back over past comments and it just really surprised me how rude and well, stupid the comments, along with their writers were. I mean, I don’t know… I guess I’m just not used to so many decepticons.

Amber Curtis says:

The dislikes from all those hoping for giraffe porn

teethofghosts says:

lol libertarianism is like anarchy but geared for rich white ppl
oh and Ron Paul fanatics on the internet who usually have neckbeards and wear fedoras.

GatesuRyu says:

pwn starts with P-W

Purplechan773 says:

Why so many dislikes?

TheLoonyTuney says:

I don’t get why this video has so many views compared to the others D:

IReallyAmIronMan says:


the1janitor says:

I love how this one of the only vlogbrothers videos that includes a pre-roll ad. TRYNA GET DAT MONEY GREEN BROS?

Callmehenkie says:

This video has the weirdest statistics ever :p from it I can only conclude that many 35-64 year old Arabian and Turkish guys are people who love giraffes who love giraffes. we can also find a negative correlation between loving giraffes who love giraffes and loving John Green.

Steve0III says:

It’s definitely the twister joke. Have you seen the amount of crazy Ron Paul fanatics there are on the internet?

Cole Griffin says:

Short answer: Ron Paul and perverts, no overlap there, well maybe a little.

Anthonyk312 says:

Out of 243,266,451 total views, aproximately 47,200,000 are from Giraffe videos and thumbnails. That’s 19.4%, or almost one fifth of nerdfighteria.

GayIsntAnInsult says:

Oh hey. 

Roofay30 says:

Surprise Surprise, the top demographics for this video are males aged 35-64

caitlinaurnae says:

Resident Mathematician Daniel Biss, is that you??

TZB43 says:

I would guess pwn, and its derivatives.

LittleWorld84 says:

I think the dislike bar is so big is because people have come here for giraffe sex but got John instead, Oh well DFTBA!

KAPOLLO101 says:

What IS the only word in the english language that starts with pw?

InbarTheTroll says:

The every single person riddle may also be solved by saying the pets on board survived, for they are not people

AlphaNerd3 says:

Replying to this so other Nerdfighters see this.

Am I the only one who thinks this comment is really funny?

meghanisapirate says:

This has so many dislikes because people were expecting great giraffe sex and did not receive it

LauraBotting says:

maybe they were expecting outtakes when actually they got what I would describe as deleted scenes

AmallaGetsIt says:

This is fascinating. I’ve been on this page for >20 mins, I’ve not even seen the video yet. I am going to watch John talk now and am not allowed to read comments anymore. Ughh, be strong, start the video and just do not look down!

HelZShadow says:

Because many people clicked on this video expecting giraffe porn…..and were sadly disappointed. 😛

amandacristi33 says:

I’m extremely confused by this video. 1. why does it have so many views(not that I’m objecting..) 2. why are there so many dislikes?

95LaRi says:

Has Helen Hunt seen the Helen Hunt video yet?²

timelordsofhogwarts says:

Hey nerdfighters,
Anyone interested in being on a Collab Channel?!
Please let us know..

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