shark vs crocodile

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Shark vs crocodile


bittarapidistu says:

shark vs croc vs beast

thanitview songluang says:

โหดมากจระเข้ สุดยอด

reynald padua says:

shark would loose cause just compare the skins and the teeth crocodile skins hard and sharks skinst is soft not to soft

Themohaned2000 says:

wow that was fast

MrDBarch says:

get over yourself, you sound like you’re 15 yrs old for god sake.

Themohaned2000 says:

1.i didn’t say it was english i’m not an idiot i am just stupid
3.that was the funny thing about it that i didn’t know how to say it!!!
4.u r my new youtube bitch[or is it the other way around?]

MrDBarch says:

you’re an idiot, it’s french, and it’s spelled “touché” for fuck sakes lol…

britainfan4lyf says:

dum australians

fonjadidi says:

Then they probably killed it.

Themohaned2000 says:

true but i think it was already dead XD if it’s not dead then they r fuckin’ stupid

fonjadidi says:

Just because it could possible happen in nature doesn’t mean you have to force it and go a head and feed the poor animal to another…

popazz1 says:


Themohaned2000 says:


Themohaned2000 says:


Themohaned2000 says:

no they won’t it’s nature it would have happened in the wild if the croc encountered the shark

Themohaned2000 says:

as many people know how to to say but not how to spell toushay

TheHeshan56 says:

Sir, i beg your pardon but it’s actually my lightsaber.

ashl0vee says:

how does this have 15 million views?

fabian de boer says:

you people will burn in hell

coolzekie says:

Yup!I saw it and i wrote something under it too!

snake63cardiff says:

Puy the crock against a great white shark . I think you’ll find the great white will win….EVERY TIME

popazz1 says:

Bit of an unfair advantage to the croc’ given the shark’s attached to a frigging fishing line!

TeddyBearHairXD xox says:

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi !!!

เอกสิทธิ์ กองพอด says:

ไอ สัส หลอก กู

tinkotie says:

Come on, lets fish.

Yes, ive got one on my line.
he’s very strong
O my god a Shark
O MY God a crocodille

paul wiltshire says:

baby shark being fed to croc not much of a fight

popz4470 says:

Salt water croc and bull shark both live in the Nile river…and that shark is small so it’s not really a match so this video is gay

andresmaria09 says:


zildjian flordelis says:

i forgot how i got here

kristilynn112 says:

How did i get here from One Direction?

Narc25 says:

A wild Ozzy in an Crocodile’s habitat

iFuckingHateDolphins says:

sharks are endangered species

acal57 says:

google salt water crocodile

downallyourstreets says:

dongo crikey roofuckers a’fishin’

MouseX1000 says:

Rename the fucking title douchebags. Also, that’s a nice sized croc I must say =)

bennyOnDrugs says:

sharks and crocodiles dont live in the same environment…

fussellmuscle says:

I’d lose on purpose!

Themohaned2000 says:

Has anyone seen my pen? its red with a tiny green cap

crocolxdretorno says:

¬¬ little shark+big crocodile=happy people

MrDopestDope1 says:

So you wanted to upload a video to youtube, you did a success. But failed at the title part! YOU ALREADY CAUGHT A SMALL SHARK MORON! HOW CAN IT VS A CROCODILE. stop wasting time!

TheJerryCurlzz says:


champwnw says:

ลองฉลามตัวใหญ่กว่านี้ดู จระเข้มันจะกล้าไหม ^^”

leggu1 says:

I thought it would have been a white shark

blurcirce says:

I didnt know crocodile exist in the sea…or shark in the river.

hennek61 says:

WOW! what a pile ‘o trash

TheFree33333 says:

Lol. I would like to this against a great white.

Locustv2 says:

this is not fair… the crocodile is way to big for the shark not fair play at all…

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