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…this is whats left of the monster hammerhead shark after an larger tiger shark had a bite to eat ★ facebook: twitter: my site: myspace: HOW TOSUPPORT ME ★- Favorite My videos. ★- Comment on My videos. ★- Post My videos to your blog, MySpace and other sites. ★- Post video responses to My videos. ★- Check daily for updates. ★- Subscribe to both GirlQld & TgirlQueensland ★- Make your own GirlQld Puppy fan page. To everyone who supports me, and the future this Channel, thank you! Thank you for your kindness, and the inspiration your support brings. REMEMBER TO ★ Respect both humans and animals. ★Treat others with as much as or more kindness than they give you and others. ★ Peacefully stand up for what you believe is right. ★Be whatever you wish to be.


josephfitzy270 says:


josephfitzy270 says:

This is fake. This is not a true story and it sucks. I only come here for the music. God. Complete assholes.

josephfitzy270 says:

I agree. It could have been the Sharkslayer. LOL. (From Shark Tale). 😛

josephfitzy270 says:

Me too.

millsmanic4 says:

– I come here for the music.

arnicalicious says:


TheAwsomeIdiot says:

i dont really care. but i do love shark week.

TheAjair says:

He is using the word monster to describe its size, retard.

eers2ya says:

gayest video ever.

Jx88x47 says:

Want to see a REAL MONSTER GREAT WHITE SHARK? Check out my video. No joke. The Largest Great White I have ever seen!

funboy69able says:

you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a blowjob from a supermodel

regan222 says:

And I’m agreeing with you. The head is being held like that to make it look bigger. You can tell by not being able to see his elbows. He’s holding the head out straight-armed and you could not do that with a really heavy weight.

diamondcreepers1 says:

If the that was my head I would come down from heaven punch that man and say “GIMME MY EAD BACK”

DOITislandstyle671 says:

That thing could swallow ur cock off!

Tide12NC says:

I could see a white doing it. Didn’t know tigers were big as what that would have been.

08zamnic says:

just to let you know, you have a higher chance off winning the lottery or gettting struck by lightning than getting attacked by a shark

origamipro1 says:

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1. Press ALT and try to thumb up this comment.
2. =]
3. watch “Shark SLAUGHTERS Dog”

239prettylilproblems says:

* I Juss Likee The Beat ! LOl ..

TheHamish757 says:

The fish at your local fish shop that doesn’t have bones in it is shark

Litsman127 says:

Cause I’m not a retard

Litsman127 says:

Hmm I didn’t feel anything

Mryawwwa says:

fuck you man

FlexClan10 says:

That pic to me seams fake

dabombbeast says:

What would you do if a shark came into your home? You would probably invite it to stay.

dabombbeast says:

He didn’t even kill the shark. Another shark killed it. Why do you keep acting like the guy that posted this did something wrong? Shark Huggers.

dabombbeast says:

I looked it up it means:  As a person can boast of such a thing

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taviisa51 says:

como una persona se puede jactar de semejante barbaridad

alieninvaider says:

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F3502000 says:

It was not a shark…It was GODZIRRA!!

Paka1918 says:

Sharks can get cancer. This is only a fucking myth with no cancer.

Paka1918 says:

Right. Over 100 Million sharks get killed by humans every year. Human is the true killer, AND the only one.

Paka1918 says:

The only body part that you miss is your brain.

The ocean is sharks home, not yours. What will you do when somebody comes in your house without your permission?

Paka1918 says:

Have you killed that shark? If yes, then you are a big idiot.

gypana says:

looking at the head being about 1 metre or so long that shark would be about 4 to 5 metres long, making it weigh about 300 or so kilo’s…that would be one heavy head to hold against you body in a bear hug , let alone out like that away from your body with the palms of your hands …im not saying its fake or anything, im just saying

AliceChobots says:

@valatanama true dat!

Xetchx says:

Hamerheads= not Harmless, this kind scalloped (out of 9 types) is 1 of 3 Hammer species that can be a threat to man. Just saying, learn before u speak.

valatanama says:

Hammerhead shark is an endangered specie, thank you for killing them just for fun.

PikachuGirl2365 says:


Merinn22 says:

You probably killed it you bastard hammerheads are harmless you fucknut

Hayley Gates says:

Fake and gay 😛

MrBeno356 says:

nice t-shirt

Bananagurl29 says:

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dodgerlives says:

Shark fishing, and trophy fishing in general, fucking sucks.

LLB61959 says:

Man bites shark

TheLohkizeke says:

wow thanks for elaborating exactly on what demon said. okay mate. sharks react violently to people crossing territory, but humans would give u a warning to leave. theres no point empathising on sharks.

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