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footage of a maneating GREATWHITE and a man in his jaws who live to tell the story of how you can survive as he did a must see ”caution graphic”


schubyd00 says:

stupid …

TheMattty23 says:

U know nothing about sharks u retard

Janien andulana says:

I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

SlitheringSnake164 says:


dalal345 says:

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Izanul Shaikh says:

what a waste of my bloody time fuck u

Joey Bob says:

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Mssexychic124 says:

I doesn’t take an hour to swallow one person

alejandrasanchez660 says:

Love thuz video

beachbabies72399 says:

whats with you and poop

Rissa Roo says:

Yeah, this is awkward :l *poker face*

Yoshi Davis says:


Sophie In your Heart says:

Fuck !!!

Gigi Golden says:


Tiff23Ced05 says:

This is the most terrible video ive ever encountered. This clip is a piece of shit

Shea LuvsLife says:

How is somebody that sick minded. Just dont.

fooshihui55 says:

this is stupid.nobody will believe this video

MollyGamer82 says:

This is stupid. Some people actually get killed by shark attacks. Its nothing to joke about. See the 1916 shark attacks in and around new jersey to see that im not kidding about people getting killed by sharks

LaLaEmoLand says:


TieDyeGirl41 says:

wtf dude not cool. people have friends and relative who were injured/killed by sharks and you make a joke about this?

91codered says:

That is so fucking stupid that u would joke like that there are real shark attacks and that’s not one them that fuckin sucked u fuckin morons

KingdomHearts00Kairi says:

lol lol lol im shiting ma pants watchin this peice of crap!!

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