*NO JOKE* Never before seen sea creatures found on a military sub

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Footage from a military submarine.


modernwarfare21999 says:

Adam slugs if you get this you deserve a cookie!

TheLoudtone says:

“Shipious cunnilingus”, I lol’d

cciemail says:

they’re called hullsuckers (Shipious cunnilingus). they attach themselves to the hull of the ship, and they emit sulfuric acid from their skin and bore a hole through the ship.

QwErTy1231691 says:

oh shit, here we go with halo 3

soukupb says:

Go back to the abyss!!!

J16557 says:

They look like the rock monster from apollo 18

candyqueenify says:

what the hell are those?!

Libra Blades says:

O_o I’m not a dude ty and a mollusque or whatever looks weird okay? We agree on this, yes? I would still poke the hell out of those if i see them anywhere….

JJABQB12 says:

They’re called shipworms. The attach themselves to the bottom of sea vessels. They will bore holes into vessels with wooden bottoms. If there are too many they can cause the ship to sink.

le9186 says:

Could some one tell me what the hell it is? Please!

Jan Czarnecki says:

Look this creatures… xenmate.blogspot.com/2007/02/blue-fleet.html

faradino27 says:

it’s paris hilton when get cursed

thanoooch says:

i think its something called a geoduck clam. thats what it looks like to me.

TakeAwaybowl moore says:

They look like worms

TheLifeRush says:

OMG it’s happening the prophecy was right !!!

Nah XD

hmoogboigood says:

how scarey

ATHFCMFFT123 says:

its adam

Jleslie2011 says:

It’s a penis leech!!!

Starbomber74 says:

Please tell me you are joking…

DJ7412 says:

i got it a Penus

SoftCloud34 says:

Patrick Star?

allusernamestaken01 says:

an alien hit the fan

Valiant141 says:

They’re in the new duke nukem game….

Venom31319 says:


HisTalk TalkHis says:

These are worms from hell underground. They never die, read about them

tara barclay says:


mark manansala says:

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MrJms25 says:

wht is that

BigM33100 says:

what are those things?

CharlesIddesleigh says:

LOL thats fucking funny

transformje says:

Are those dildoes

AiRsTriKeITA says:

damn nature, you scary.

yvette fick says:

WTF these are over grown leeches…..

john smith says:

No he means the submarine they painted it black.

Roborob711 says:

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dunjak111 says:

For a japanese uboat, this would be alot of food supply…

pomquipete says:

I know that and it is comestible! In France we call that “pouces-pieds” and I believe that the scientific name is “pollicipes pollicipes”…

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