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FACEBOOK: bit.ly – hotroast.com – http – Why are the Occupy Wall Street protesters pissed? With the US dollar’s decline this gives new meaning to disposable income and going green. Thanks to the Federal Reserve, inflation, war, housing and credit bubbles we’re watching the value of our…


y24ification says:

i think she WAS desperate so ill give her credit and not blame her for staying calm and finding some toilet paper herself

y24ification says:

She didnt have choice. She didnt look around. Now was the news coming from the TV?

BeenThereDoneThat96 says:

k who saw a vagina in the thumb nail?

richardsharp75 says:

4 of the 7 governors on the the fed’s board are jews, yet only 2% of the US population is jewish. Why have these people been expelled from countries 84 times in the last 1000 years? The moment someone says they’re chosen, and by a god to boot, that implies the rest of us are inferior. Futhermore, you can only be a jew if your mother is a jew. This is racism. The repression and land theft in palestine is merely a natural derivative. We are inferior goys in their eyes. Look beyond the propaganda!

isaiasxxt15701558 says:

haha ‘

Pikachue59 says:

She could have just called someone to get some toilet paper. common sence. but hey , she was disprate so i wont blame her. im impressed. ur the only girl dat does not complain for using ur hands. But if u have to do it again i would advise u to bring some fur gloves with u.

Андрей Наумов says:

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allianceriggersconst says:

sexy hot chicks take you where you want to be!

reymysterion619 says:

If you tell that to mr krabs he is goa

XdjdaleyX says:

Pretty such i saw a vagina in the thumbnail..

SpeedyNicolesGraal says:

Love how 90% of you very stupid people thinks its real so hilarious!!!

RitaSixx says:

Dafuq!!!!! She flushed a 100 dollar bill!?! Dafuq is wrong w/ that bitch?!?

liltrev123abc says:

blonde moment

marcoschina1000 says:


Kyno Ray says:

-_- how did I get here from avenue q songs????

Utubing126 says:

I would still use the 100 dollar bill

dsantoscess says:

She didnt has choice !

DandJMcC says:

This is SOOO wrong

marn Edwardo says:

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is veryyyyyyyyy bad asshuls (we want her to put that thing in her vagina !!!!!!!

renitaraj says:

We can hear her big long fart.

scottonfire543 says:

The sound effects for the urinal thing is fake

scottonfire543 says:

Uh ha ha no no no no no! Your going to spoil it! Your going to spoil the $100 bill you saved and then you flush it down the toilet?!!! What kind of girl are you?!! Maybe thinking money is a GREAT idea to use as toilet paper! No way! So wrong that is so wrong!

BillyPalazzo96 says:

Wen she wipes why’s it sound lk sand paper ? Yuck

mmurray123MM says:

why so any views and why did anyone like this video :s crack heads

gabrielopoo says:

i just finish seing the last part WTF ur nasty the 100 dollar bill is fake as well i will never use 100 dollar bill as toilet paper :/

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