mate…ya got a hole in your head

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old guy has a hole through his left eye. you can see his optic nerve!


Coper2766 says:

i was thinking about the exact same thing. xd

pianocrisante90 says:

How did he get a hole through his left eye? Did he have an accident?

RidiculouslyLuis says:

Oh my god

owofan19 says:

How did that old guy lose he’s eye?

TheFoxyroxy88 says:

thats nasty have some respect for the elderly

Varuna Kozuka says:


Stella Pop says:


sims22222 says:

What if a bug flies in there? or it rains or just walks into shower. IM SO CONFUSED! That cant be real.

axlex913 says:

@TheBozanna You’re a stupid fake, asshole

69DivIX says:

what happen when people do war.
Can’t imagine if divided by zero!

L00peey says:

nice one lmao

BlackSweatAndAidsMix says:

gives a new meaning to the term skullf*ck

1169Timothy says:

wtf happened to him?

akithebird says:

Gee, i cannot get out of the darker side of youtube. I am almost cumming in there.

armen131 says:

how did this happen ?

MrBalkellende says:

lol he got a gayhole in his head

Chaseutley56 says:

aw i feel really bad for this guy, that had to be horrible

irelandpride256 says:


rydoskek says:

Poor guy. Great to see him thinking positively in his last remaining years even with that crap.

Biggy123126 says:

Feel srry for him

TheLazarman211 says:

why is this flagged

VengeancexVideos says:

this poor guy ): so fucked up how yall are making fun of him

mrdougeran1 says:

whu do people have to be so nasty i think the guy is cool to let his pic be taken

Shoyras says:

Do you get fucked in the eyes alot

frankanator5000 says:

please leave this man alone. he prob doesn’t have much more time on this earth. if you have a heart, let him enjoy the rest of his life :)

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