Creepiest Videos on Youtube

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These are the creepiest videos on youtube, put together. I’m pretty sure Satan and the Wiggles will get along fine. Thanks for subscribing. Satan video: creepy videos creepiest video youtube kevintthoms funny comedy hilarious scariest weirdest craziest crazy scary weird clips compilation evil satan wiggles


PrettyPieHead says:

it’s a joke

mammal46 says:

What does JESUS have to do with this? It’s not His will that people use TV sets to raise their kids.
I know what you mean their are some creepy shows out there for kids how about: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack You are right. They get more disgusting and satanic as one show roles into the next.

greatest200 says:

The ginger fuking scary

Ritchie720 says:

This video came out on my birthday.


MrJuliocperez says:

another who don´t have who heard him

Jennifer Rodriguez says:


AldSotha says:

Cow and Chicken are retty psychopathic, and Spongebob too. And there are tons more of these. :)

Toxica orgs says:

Teletubbies should be on there thumbs up if you agree

Callofdutyfemale says:

who else started to dance at the wiggles part?

rawr2560 says:

This is just a table of contents for the Weird part of youtube..

Troy Kataoyak says:

get a real life you good for nothing waste of human skin

iamcyberpunk68 says:

get a job asshole you suck ass

NBSSPlanet says:

Hmm.. that’s strange.
The thumbnail made me think this video would be some bald guy talking to a camera.
Of well..

Davide Faccenda says:

Fuck you!

MrVonvids10 says:

The Second Ones The Wiggles That Movies So Old

RandarserousRex says:

This wasn’t creepy at all. Just a big fucking waste of time

Abdallah AlSayed says:

Fuck Off

TheDjafdjaf says:

from 02:10 i stopped but i was too late i had like sightmares sirious

awsomenessdg says:

i stoped ai 2:10

IAMOldNick says:

YOU ARE THE CREEPIEST VIDEO ON YT. You do not need to show other people’s stuff and make fun of it…just get on there and talk crap as you have here. It’s creepy. It may just be that you are a creep and this is the result? Dunnoi/

IAMOldNick says:

Geeeeezussss that first 30 seconds were Creepy. That GUY is creepy. It’s that rising and falling inflection in his voice.

IAMOldNick says:

full screen ad that is full time. I am gone. Fuck this ads shit.

I actually feel that advertising is BS. I know we all know that ads a are BS. But the whole industry is BS. I reckon ads do not work. They annoy us. They are loud. They cost us BILLIONS, trying to tell us what to do. Bit it seems to me that the BIGGEST SELL is ads themselves. Maybe I am not like Joe Avge. But ads just simply do not pay off in making me pay..

vistigioful says:

What’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen? I don’t know. This video might be it.

ribbs06 says:

you need a mustashe. cause ur cloearly a child molester

EaglewingO3O says:

Scariest thing I’ve ever seen, eh?
Your face.

Marcela Jousset says:

que pavaaaaaaaaaada!!! como para subscribirseeeeee!!!!!!

Jayden Scott says:

¡¡¡Myscariest thing was your face bye!!!

tigerpanther777 says:

Thank you, now we are all dumber, after watching this video.

RdGreenMusik says:

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MassDynamic says:

=.= *facepalm*

pokenarmew says:

The ginger one would be the one to go follow satan

bzztblrg says:

I guess people like clicking on videos with that title.

melanie lee says:

the wiggles really

sdlonghorns11 says:

If you think this is funny your an ass hole

bmegad says:

YOU SUCK , now I’ll never get this time BACK!!!

ArJuna22 says:

THis is why YouTube sucks.

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