Worlds Fastest Piano Juggler part 1

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Close Dan Menendez juggler extraordinaire bounces a fast tune.


666msGoD says:

LAWL 1286 thumbs up!

AlexJ08Official says:

It’s fake

xMonZz says:

Anybody else still watching?

1987Psyco1987 says:

adidas Superstars II best shoes

Ashley Alexander says:


the_dragon_eye14 says:

WOW, that was amazing!

Joe denny says:

people are alsome

ManijakTotalni says:

I can’t stop looking at his…balls…

sea banana says:

AT FIRST: no life
AFTER 10 SECONDS:…….i need a life

Daniel salvesen says:


jasonaroland says:


John Burns says:

Lol nice man! you should be on: People are awesome. I think it’s realy cool how you make it look like there about 10 balls when theres only 5! nice man 😉 keep it up!

Tina Leupers says:


SexabIe says:

Probably the worlds only piano juggler.

André Steinsvoll says:

nice hax.

Annoyedbythisreminder says:

the top comment on this video has 3137 upvotes. … i think that’s a personal record.

Jericopx Exs says:

The Fastest?! I think he’s only can do that….

Kristopher Madden says:

Love that shit. proper street material!

Cloudy11150 says:

He looks like fruggin Freddy Kruger wtf 😀

James McKay says:

Sorry but no way this is real…

TheNRGPS3 says:

dude how did you come up with this????

GTAIV CrashTV says:


streetforend says:


spicyburrito1780 says:

i cant play the piano or juggle…

AndySVK says:

balls on fire :)

TsanZan says:

Now time to juggle pianos while playing balls.

Davis Feng says:

Doesn’t look like Chuck Norris.

cj c says:

what do you mean worlds fastest, i didnt even know piano juggling was a thing.

David PanterA says:

The face at the end, priceless.

yoneda123 says:

For a second there,when he shows his face,i thought it was Freddy kreuger.
Playing a piano with his balls,EPIC!

jobjob44 says:

XD XD cool einfach nur cool XD

oh wordd says:

i cant even play that with my hands!

pookomoo says:

no way is that real

OhMyDogTV says:

very gooooooooooooood!

dec Ivana says:

is it me or at 0:54 , he looks like Freddy krueger ? but without the scary mask makeup shit.

anas d c says:

epic man just epic

lillatinkid828 says:

thats what she said

Gilbert Beilschmidt says:

Chuck Norris can do this with his REAL balls

Sam deSoto says:

“Hey this guy seems really talente- OH MY GOD IT’S FREDDIE CRUGER”

fallout3magicmen says:

You can see the faded balls in the piano LOL nice try yo

UuNNNaMedD says:

0:55 All balls are with me?

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