Full Performance of “Hall of Fame” from “All Or Nothing” | GLEE

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The glee club inspires the audience at Regionals with the uplifting lyrics of “Hall of Fame.” Subscribe now for more Glee clips: http://www.youtube.com/subsc…


Marc Anthony Torres says:

um work at my sons birthday party

Khushi Sidhu says:

U rock Artie!!

msznicoleee says:

Why doesn’t Artie have more solos?

David Harris says:

Yeah Joe and Sugar need to be made main cast members. There’s no explanation for why they’re not in Glee Club is some episodes.

blanca sanchez says:

They are the best group i know they are great

blanca sanchez says:

I love this song

Tellentry1Jensen says:

Awesome group!!! I love them

harryismineace says:

I love Darren so much his voice is amazing

MusicDirections says:

She’s pregnant… she can’t play on Glee… wish it to her

Camile Oliveira says:

Meus deus essa música e demais , amei mas que tudo , n quero mas deixar de ouvir 3

TeamNaya says:

i want Brittany back :( and Brittana

R Natrajan says:

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He is dark and quiet and completely different from me, which is exactly why I should put distance between us. But it is also the reason I find him so fascinating.

akaliofe says:

I miss Joe, Sugar, and Brittany! :(
Even though sugar and joe didn’t have major roles, when I watched the season premiere it felt a little more empty.

MartiiRamoss says:

Artie singing this song is so inspiring <3

geraldine gomez says:

Brittany :c 

DePereMischief says:

this happens with sooo many of their songs!

Sina Allen says:

This actually happens a lot to me :D !!

Ricardo Josue says:

More ARTIE SOLOS!!!!!!!!!

Nguyễn Anh Hiển says:

good song

Nacho Camps says:

I don’t know why but I miss the original cast.

NikusenQa123 says:

in first 3 season there was nothing special about liking glee version more than original

Maddie Conlon says:

This inspires me so much <3

Bella Montanez says:

I like the girls dresses

Thomas Balitout says:

love the song

MegaGood5 says:

As much as I adore The Script,, but Glee sang this better! Maybe cuz Will i am or whatever his name was sang most of the song

JorresAlegria05 says:

I had chills then I cried ..

Riley Matthews says:

Artie <3

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