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fartingunicorns12345 says:

They are going to be gay

MrDan708 says:

That pile-driver move is dangerous, even on a soft bed! Lucky there wasn’t a broken neck on the “loser”!

natlus natlus says:

وش تبي انت في كل تعليق راز طيزك ترد ..
قسم بالله يا أمير المؤمنين لاعلم مكوتك abc من جديد (اسمك يالحبيب)

abc4178 says:

لا والله شكلي انا بلعب معك
ووريك العب الصح يابعدي

natlus natlus says:

أبي ألعب معهم “”

jOrDaN hEwItT says:

Gay doesn’t mean bad person

1XPaganX1 says:

i feel you are a fucking idiot for using the word gay as an insult and lacking the brain capacity to find another word to describe them other then gay.

Brownie101abc says:

What did I just watch? Why does this have so many views. Ahhhh pedos!

TheEdge4107 says:

Wooow. I love the boy please can you sleep with me

genskevin33 says:

16 million de vues pour sa

enzomonciino says:

A o la onte

Chris Eduque says:

This video sucks!
Why don’t you guys checkout sweetandtight.blogspot.com where you can watch and download the best porn videos for FREE!!!

jordan44sty0 says:

ah les jeunes :(

RayTahana says:

“”CHRISTJESUS””(loved) us, died for us, rescued us from the agony of death.

zeldalov08 says:

This Lil boy inbetween his legs is having fun Nah they bros

Irfan khan says:

great cena and taker.

worldpeacewanter101 says:

I feel like these kids r gay!

KingBazo says:

Sagt der 25 jährige,zurückgebliebene Versager.Der mit einer Rechtschreibung und einem Verhalten daher kommt,dass jeder 8 jährige,ihn auslacht und sich schämt.

hye3302255 says:

Waht this??

johntrenton13 says:

Undertaker pin not like this

Miguel Del says:

Bande d’inconcients…

TheFatal963 says:

Ce st juste des malades

LudomixxX says:

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4reverz says:

Pareil 1 c dangereux 2 le catch c d’la merde et 3 on dirai 2 Gogolle moitier Ksos moitier asbin ^^’

LesPublivores says:

i i spete la nuc c pa mon blem.sur la foto g cru a d pd

gobo760 says:

You had 6 months to work on your comeback and that’s what you hand in? C-

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