Bugatti Veyron vs Mclaren SLR

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Bugatti Veyron vs Mclaren SLR


NeoXF says:

I hope you’re happy… now there’s idiots on YouTube actually looking for videos of that…

aaardvarkkk says:

Why would you need 2 runs?

jeffpark1118 says:

The bugatti let the mclaren have a head start u can tell by the engine sound

vtshuz100 says:

…like you drove one? everyone who’s drove the bugatti always run’s out of superlatives, its unbeatable. certainly blows all over the slr which by the way, was a failure for both mclaren and mercedes and they parted ways. the sls amg was a better effort likewise the mp4-12c, but they still can’t touch the godliness of the bugatti.

bargaincar says:

Two of the hottest cars to drive on earth.

fokjohn98 says:

Buggati might beets SLR but let’s be honest it looks terrible!!! On the other hand the SLR is totally awesome!!!

B16SAF says:

dont care buggati fast the merc sounds fuckin bad ass like a boss

gothookedup says:

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devil614 says:

This video seems to only compare the skills of the drivers based on the cars they’re driving, which is clearly unfair to start with.

XHAUSTchannel says:

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thomasaulner says:


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atharva98 says:

Yes, of course. There are few videos comparing the speed of Koenigsegg CCXR and Bugatti Veyron 16.4

MrCrisrocks112 says:

is a bugatti faster than a koenigsegg ccxr

IrdiDeejayify says:

<3 BUGATI <3

ItzzFatal says:

trade my 00′ dodge ram 2500 for that??

Gwapgettaa says:

i like that light switch thingy at the top of ur vid ,,,hehehe ,,totally

MikelCSK says:

you are a dshit with blood

alliewiki says:

It’s the main theme for the movie, “The Fog”. John Carpenter directed the movie *and* composed and recorded the soundtrack.

daltonkk4 says:

whats the name of the song played at the begining? i’ve always wanted to know.

HFLanciaStratos says:

I’d rather have the SLR + every major model Ferrari and Lamborghini have released in the last decade.

astevens521 says:

that isnt youtube language.

yousefaladwan says:

حرام يا سلر بينتي سيفيا قدام البوقاتي
مع تحيات مهيب الرحاحله

pickle430 says:

I like Mclaren F1’s better :-/ in the 90’s

cmoneylaundry says:

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canniblehector says:

when i was very little i thought it was candy so i had like 7 a day and got addicted to them

FeeIsTheName says:

I love how I talk about “man, I’d love to have a murcielago, man I’d love to have an slr, man I’d love to drive the 458 Italia”, and watching it race the bugatti ruins it. it makes every car look stupid slow.

NICKownsHALO27 says:

nothing is fair when u have a bugatti in the palm of your hand

Igor777G says:

Заходите к нам

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