Winner of China’s Got Talent Final 2010 – Armless Pianist Liu Wei Performed You Are Beautiful

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Lost his arms from an accident at age 10, Liu Wei from Beijing never gives up living strong. He managed to do everything with his feet and started to learn t…


nascraytia says:

My hands hurt.

Eilannin Vivian says:

Lovely voice! He was so nervous bless

jea xin says:

You are beautiful!

Hannah Johnson says:

the judges of America’s got talent are too easily impressed :/

501877934 says:

Wait , how the fuck does he press down the sustain pedal?

Chandra Dhami says:

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Keldemption says:

An armless Chinese man can sing an English language song very well (not perfectly) and plays the piano only with his toes. China has great wisdom to allow this man to win CGT.

Joe s says:

Fuck you and your douchebaggery.

Johnny Wonton says:

All Asians look alike.. he looks like my mandarin teacher, my dad, my uncle, and the rest of China..

Christine Le says:

It’s so sad

ForShowz says:

You can say that was footastic. Get it?

Thewondering007 says:

I’m irritated. My cousin resides in the adjacent room and he as of late turned fantastic at getting females. He went to the Master Attraction site (Google it) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing women back. He’s constantly bringing girls back and I hear it. It’s nasty. If only he never found that site. I am jealous!

Free Documentary says:

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guntur wahyudi says:

you are very impressive!

铭余 高 says:

thumb up …cant help it

28yayyay says:

I love his guy. He proves that arms aren’t everything and you have no excuses to not follow your dreams.

kitten lover says:

He looks like my science teacher lol

Phillip Darkchipmonk Healy says:

I have plenty of excuses, starting with being lazy and not wanting anything amazing. Fuck you and your cliché bullshit.

Arik Katzenberg says:


oas1s2004 says:

I never see a white guy singing in chinese,

Kamelhaj says:

He plays the piano with such emotion!

Sarah Paxton says:

No good. Somebody will come up with the excuse that they’re not Asian.

Mura Desoo says:

Thank you!!

Ghazaleh Mostafaei says:

What is the piano piece at 00:31 called???

Kat G.K says:

I bow to you

Messi Liona says:

Soo beautiful

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