Meet the Heavy

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Meet the Heavy Weapons Guy, one of nine playable character classes in Team Fortress 2. Name: Heavy Weapons Guy Role: Defense Weapons: Chain Gun / Shotgun / G…


Fsjproductionsfelix says:

Pause at the begining, it says copyright LOLOLOL.

JackGhost115 says:

It costs $400,000 to bang Megan Fox…for 12 seconds.

Jared Kirby says:

Only Bullet can outsmart Bullet.

superguille38 says:

Muajajajajajajaa!! XD

slimunkey says:

190 people touched Sasha

king owen X says:

1:09 moodswing

Daviddo230 says:

No!, Meet the Patrick

Jacques SapAuteur says:

It cost $400000 to be top comment…for 12 seconds.

Jose Dante says:

12 divided by 400000= .00003
half life .00003 confirmed.

slimetimeconfusion says:

He has achieved more things in his life then you would be capable of doing in 5.

Slender Sr. says:

Oh my God, who touch Sasha? WHO TOUCH MY GUN?!?!?!?!?

Cem Gunduz says:

so that means Heavy is loaded as fuck

The Master says:

It cost 400,000 dollar to make HL3

AdmiralMusclebeard says:

It costs 400000 dollars to feed Gabe Newell, for 12 seconds.

LavaPieFilms says:

Scout with BONK Atomic punch can outsmart bullets. And any projectile for that matter.

Joel Tikkanen says:

Jee rage my face

Batuhan Tuna says:

Oğuz reyizinki daha iyi AS:G:ASF

celso reis says:

Dom man it alredy exists

Dom Man says:

Now we wait for meet the sandwich

MrMarioman569 says:

Some people think they can outsmart me. Hmph, Maybe. Hmph. Maybe. I’ve yet to meet one that can outsmart Chuck Norris.

michael ash says:


John H says:

why do all the characters in tf2 have fucking huge ass hands?

Christian Velasco says:

“oh mah gawd, who touched Sasha!”

crazy77anthony says:

It cost $400,000 to watch a YouTube video for 12 seconds.

PhychoDauphin says:

sasha gray

Shadows Frostbyte says:

I thought there was someone who chats me on FB when I hear that sound near 1:15.

Prosterguy says:


telamon assasindude says:

Heavy knows about his guns man

christopher lastra says:

the medic can outsmart a bullet

lucaskronenbergen1 says:


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