Hulk Hogan Attacked During Press Conference!

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Hulk Hogan was attacked during a press conference for his upcoming Hulkamania tour. Ric Flair attacked him and there was alot of blood. They sure do know how to put on a show. This is good advertising for the show, as now everyone is talking about it! Here is the link to the story I use music from , which is royalty free music. The outro song was created by


toyotaprius79 says:

Stop bitching. If you even bothered to investigate, you can see Graham’s comment of why he isn’t allowed to show the footage of Hogan being attacked.

GrahamAndFriends says:



Some I hate best most I like I specialy like the end of all ur vids

GrahamAndFriends says:


Zachary Winkler says:

Hahaha love ya Graham!

GrahamAndFriends says:

because some ppl want to see the fight video, but youtube wont allow me to show it.

MrBeatlesfan41 says:

Why so many dislikes??

GrahamAndFriends says:

me or Hulk Hogan?

dizzydortchy says:

Who the fuck is this guy?

stevennhek666 says:

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ghs224 says:

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whiteaintright says:

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geoffstifler says:

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AntiVaccine2 says:

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themooseOFpower says:

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sarenjak123456789 says:

get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GrahamAndFriends says:

yes I changed it.

Waluigifan94 says:

haha the thumbnail was changed 😀

carlos miguel says:

this guy is crazy you need a help

XxGhOsTxX941 says:

I’m scared

ceRtzVarLaust says:

lol no

2369fern says:

The age of this guy craving for attention nob head

campo199 says:

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Daleguy13new says:

because ppl thought we would see a stupid celeb get beaten.

MrBrillare says:

One more click after this and definitely be in the weird section of YouTube again.

lead2end says:

i dunno who’s more annoying,this guy or Hogan himself…go figure dudes

SpawnShooter says:

AVGN FTW! better than this shitpickle!

CodySimpsonlover67 says:

How the hell can this crap get 10,000,000 views on a single video, but JamesNintendoNerd can’t?!

bobbygoo9 says:


1tigerblood says:

Hulk Hogan come. and you make wrastling with him?

MrSmarts001 says:

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num1hrt says:

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Greggolsthoughts says:

not the under taker

Greggolsthoughts says:

haha your so funny not, shut up bitch let him do what he does hes just an honest man trying to share news is that illegal? NOPE!:) so back off him bro

xXxTASHARAxXx says:

Fight for to rise

cellyhard88 says:

I’m pretty shire hogan could beat anyone up

MagicArmour says:

This guy looks like my boss, I’m giving the video a thumbs down.

DCPredatorzZ says:

I think we all know why you love wrestling, all those sweaty men for you to lick your t.v.

waltercelario says:

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198CharlesMartel198 says:

I just love the vlogs that don’t show the actual footage, actually I dont like vlogs in first place.

tritanproductions says:


jangonja says:

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metzzenUSwNL says:


riKringkast says:

Quite a lot when you’re doing it in the faces of 10 million YouTubers under misleading video title and thumbnail.

Keep your “wanking” to yourself, and concentrate instead on producing honest, entertaining video content not based on luring people into clicking your video.

MACIT24 says:

hahaha i hit this video expecting to see something good, i got something even better hahaha you’re funny person!

im loving the end gingle too! haha

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