Morsy z Ełku

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Zimowa kąpiel Ełckich morsów w sezonie 2009/2010 – zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszej strony :)


seboja says:

This is Poland

superpeluso1 says:

I bet their genitals look like Bally buttons

AmoryWarrior says:

White people… Oh wait I’m white

pego90 says:

brutti scemi

rey jane harvey barraca says:

I’d really love to do this :)

Baldoxxx4000 says:

This is entertaining…..

laura stank. says:

ku ku 😀

hugh hogan says:

it takes real balls to walk around naked and freeze your balls off

CloneCheck says:

Frozen solid more likely.

CloneCheck says:

Frozen solid more likely.

Yodadiash says:

as your small willy now

MrQuatro says:

only white people ………

Junk Box says:

hes dick must be soooo smal when in that cold water holy shit balls

Amelia Sparzak says:

1:11 a ten pajacyki robi ;D jak to wygląda xD

zorro oscuro says:

and his… jajajaja

CrazeViDofreak45 says:

ahhh after a long day of snow I like to jump in my ice cold

Rock Head says:

Even the dog is tryin to tell ya , YER NUTS………

James Shurtleff says:

Wrong season

Delano van renen says:

wtf those poeple are nuts !!!!!

Saiko Piratos says:

hahahahaha xD nice one.

Hans-Ole Pedersen says:

peerpede har aldrig gjort sådan,det er kun jo kun vikinger der gør det!!!!

matabeleman says:

shut the dog up

69drin says:

Summer in russia…

sharky0922 says:

actually its say ELK its town in POLAND..stupid whore
and you even have website in decr. .but why bother to read..

sharky0922 says:

trzeba byc naprawde pierdolnietym..

blabla2148 says:

They are not from Russia…

cinek958 says:

job twaja mać

igbtshka says:

В России этим никого не удивишь!

portjanka says:

Откуда знаешь? Говорят на польском.

93montero says:

that dog is like, take the lease off me

TheWanderersReview says:


edda james says:


1018luis says:

Pinches locos

Maxsell96 says:

и что тут такого у нас в -40 плавают моржи,

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