The Voice UK 2013 | Cleo Higgins performs ‘Love On Top’ – Blind Auditions 3 – BBC One

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Close Check out Cleo Higgins singing ‘Love On Top’ in her blind audition on The Voice UK 2013.


Pamela Mesquita says:


Thay Patricia says:

Perfect voice, sings nicely, wonderful
should only be chosen Jessie J
Voice Cock, girl beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
I shiver all

Terezka Petřeková says:

Wow….She’s really, really good…Sensation !!

alfamaster says:

The cutest moment at 1:34.

luiz braz says:

Mulher Rixosa – Samba de Fabio Valente no cavaco – YouTube

Talokudo says:

The voice XIBIL KKK assistam no meu canal o vídeo w

mmtc7778 says:

Wowww wow wow wowwwwwwww !!!!!

Porawat Chadahong says:


Tela Tata says:

0:38 Lol Will.I.Am’s head shape from that angle!

Pamella Eloynne says:

Viciooooo maravilhosaaaaaa

Rosaldo Santos says:

Que jurada doida é essa!!!A garota nem começou á cantar e ja estava virando a cadeira…
Sem tirar os méritos da garota que canta muito,mais na minha opinião deveria esperar um pouco e analizar a voz do cantor.Isso vale para todos os participantes.

Hall Suin says:

Oh i love her so much.
Cleo very powerful voice and her sing my fav song.
I love jessie she so cute and Danny too. chair turn haha

Enfermagem FASI says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai eu dou valor….

1manuel555 says:

la amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! <3 <3

Rayane Silva says:

Ele é demais!!!

ThePloy2534 says:

Love it ^^

Alexandre Wastable says:

I’m just speechless

Camila Elaine says:

the voice brasil o/

unhappydemon95 says:

Jessie J is such an awesome person like omg

Aanisr says:

she’s a beast!!!!!!

sophearith dareth says:

WTF!!! She went with Will!!! -.-

griwf says:

It’s called “scat” or “scatting”. Jazz singers were the first to create / do it (ella fitzgerald, louis armstrong, sarah vaughn, billie holiday, sammy davis jr., cab calloway and others anita baker, mary j blige & amy winehouse). If you are a really good singer like this lady, you can pull it off.

no lyrics for “scat” or riffs. and you have to have a certain level of “soul” to accomplish it and it sound good / be authentic! LOL

Jae Cee says:

can someone tell me what’s d lyrics in 1:31 – 1:35?

olgalee lopez says:

how could anyone dislike this?

VicsHatake says: is STYLE

MsChachoue says:

sooo amazing!

Özge Arslan says:

şarkının sonuna sıçıyor sanki 😀

Kristina Kunelytė says:

1:20!!!! ♥ 😀

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