Guy Sebastian Feat. Lupe Fiasco – Battle Scars – Live in Australia – The X Factor Australia 2012

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Guy is a Judge/mentor on X Factor Australia. Guy and Lupe perform new video song single hit “battle Scars” from Guy’s Album “Armageddon” Watch Guy’s Australi…


Whitney W says:

Guy is the best aussie singer ever (for me)

TheKellyiman says:


AussieElmomc says:

Guy was the winner or runner up (Can’t remember) on Australian Idle, so you’d wanna hope he can actually sing 😛

mrjustsomedude says:

wow, these guys make a great duo! they could be like bffs lol

luvthamusik says:

you obviously haven’t been around Guy’s music for a while then. He’s been looking ESPECIALLY good for the last 8 years – or so

depanggang warisan says:

Guy is slimmer than before..i didnt recognise him at first..he’s looking good

rachel mcfadden says:

my most played song right now

kennethoo says:

I can’t believe so many people just know Guy Sebastian from being an xfactor judge…the dude won Aussie idol and even competed in WORLD idol, of course he can sing. The dude is a fucking badass, i’ve followed his career from day 1 and im Canadian lol. One of the best male voices in the industry in the past few decades easily.

Michelle Richan says:

One of the best live performances I’ve heard, ever. Truly amazing

infokill says:

Greatest winner of ANY reality singing show in Australian history… Full stop!


Had me dancing in my chair.

Meticulous Trances says:

<.< the rap makes this song. see? I have opinions, too!

JDarb93 says:

I’m wondering why people are so surprised Guy can sing live; I mean he did win Australian Idol after all

clevelandbrownsrock1 says:

No it’s a rap song featuring a great singer. The rap is good and clean and it’s what makes the song.

luvthamusik says:

Guy and Lupe are the perfect fit for singing this song live, and I just love what they both bring to the track. They’ve got another track coming, but meanwhile Guy’s just released “Like a Drum” which is SO different from his other music. Again. Guy has to be one of the most versatile artists anywhere in the world!

angel hernandez says:


iammoweyy says:

The rap ruins the song >.>

I Bahamas says:

Nobody does a run like Guy, the run at 3:14 – 3:18 was AWESOME.

takiashi luv says:

Love this song

Pandywandy11 says:

I love this song <3

HeartStar1017 says:

He sings so good live o.o

Michelle McAleer says:

u mean Australian Idol

Turac Sarikamis says:

Human auto tune

Amanda42732 says:

remember him at his x-factor addistion 2003 and now :)) <3 :’))

TamitaxD Valenzuela says:

me encantaaaaaaa………

Russell Roberts says:

like who?

elisar elgaouny says:

@elisarelgaouny: These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading Don’t look like they’re ever going away They ain’t never gonna change ❥

elisar elgaouny says:

He genuinely had an amazing voice

Stephanie Nguyen says:

I love guy sebastian

Stephanie Nguyen says:


bryant Baez says:

You at war with love yeah <3

Alan Carpenter says:

love this song

Daniel Barnes says:

I ♥ this song

flowermonkeygirl123 says:

I love how this is live but he still sounds like god

lacie99988 says:

Love it 3

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