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YES I KNOW I SPELT LOSE WRONG. no need to tell me again! #100 – Top Favorited (All Time) – United Kingdom #70 – Top Favorited (All Time) – Music – United Kingdom #87 – Top Rated (All Time) – Music – United Kingdom #102 – Most Viewed (All Time) – United Kingdom #53 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Music – United Kingdom pretty darn cool.


monsterdrinker400 says:

Love to shuffle to this shiz:)

lizzy6red says:

Who doesnt love this song?! I know I love it.

chris40539 says:

how can 3,414 people dislike this?! they must hate to party D:

Wobbleson says:

No, they got it right. Smart ass.
It’s ”spelt” not ”spelled”.

SLto7100 says:


MrMohamed517 says:

Dislike button is not for the fken download guys

Efrosini Tsihlaki says:


ShadowRun221 says:

You spelled “Spelled” wrong in your description. :3

วริทธิ์ธร ประทุม says:


BlueChannelful says:

Is only me or everytime stops at 2:39 ??

victordrog says:

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Ultimatehulkamania says:

i woulda said, there aint to time 4 sleepin’, its party rocking time

Callise Eisner says:

I love u lmfao XD

delfinescaus says:


IntraSule says:

The singers are douches with no singing abilities, but this song is pretty fun, and that’s all that counts. X-D 

MoonlightTheKittyKat says:

Party Rock is in the house tonight

Everybody just have a good time

And we gon’ make you lose your minds

Everbody just have a good time

Party rock is in the house tonight

Everybody just have a good time

And we gon’ make you lose your mind

We just wanna see ya

Shake that


D4rkLigh7 says:

Nothing he has made even has the right to be called a song when compared to this.

MrCool30000 says:

Thumbs up if this song beats all the songs justin bieber made

MrCool30000 says:

I’m runnin through these hoes like drano
I got that devilish flow rock and roll no halo
We party rock yea! that’s the crew that I’m reppin
On the rise to the top no led in our zeppelin

Hansiscoool says:

*friggin’ awesome shufflin’ music*

In the club party rock
Look a pretty girl she on my jock
Non-stop when we in the spot
Booty movin’ weight like she on the block
With an drink i gots’ to know
Tight jeans, tattoos, ’cause I’m rock and roll
Half black, half white, domino
Gain the money, out the door

KidConverseMusic says:

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thatbarshakid says:

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TheCarla971 says:

Le Mini footballeur !
aller regarder

Chad Idlett says:

love the song

ProDudeson says:


Hansiscoool says:

kinda, yea

Minahil Ahmed says:

cool song ever

RapidFireNinja says:

That means 100% love it???

piro123457 says:


Meganbieber68 says:

never get tired of this song:) thumbs up if u do to 😉

melodyelody8 says:

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind

We just wanna see ya!

Shake that!

vibhupande says:

why do i grab somebody and tell them “hey give me everything tonight” 4 times – is it some magic spell?

FlirtatiousFlip says:

hey here’s a comment guys <3 <3 <3

Vouile says:

Same with me.

Vouile says:

Audio is OK. :/

razu4 says:

Ya its too long 😀

BoltzRabbitz says:

i came here to skip intro :)

stewartkids818 says:

me love song <3 =)

sadak5472 says:

Until You told me to notice the decimal I was like wth this doesn’t make sense.

MinecraftLogger123 says:

lets make a lyrics chain :3
i’ll start
Party Rock
lets go

Hannah Dot says:


OmqqItsMehh says:

i’m the the fist viewer c’x

leon scott kenedy says:

recomiendo esta musica
10th man down
sistem of down war lirics
hot and cold
get back
porta en boca de tantos
porta nota de suicidio
100 porcient buenisimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

TheNFSking86 says:

PARTY ROCK!!!!! YAH!!!!!

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