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At O2 we think that you can learn a lot from dogs, to them life is amazing. Balls are amazing. Sticks are amazing. Chasing your tail is amazing. So why are w…


Henni Tenhunen says:

Seriously, it works. 😀

Drahomír Polách says:

My cats know this… :)

Jia Jen Chou says:

What a lovely cat!

Rebecca Woodhead says:

#cats are COOL, but #dogs get more done. Cool detachment is nice, but
it can get dull. #Maru , for instance, isn’t cool and detached, but we all
love him. Sometimes, it’s better to throw away the cynicism and #bemoredog (Chase this car! There’s 3 BMWs to win if you take a bit of action on
this…) http://collectgold.elitemarketingpro.com/details

#emp #elitemarketingpro #emplaunch #workfromhome #win #bmw

Tanya Clark says:

Hehehe. Be a bit more dog. Live..

smokeylee1986 says:

I’d say both are as good as each other really.

Ergin Kocyildirim says:

Be more dog…

Vail Joy says:

Be sure to visit the website after this. Gold!

phenoptix says:

Ok so it’s an add, designed to go viral, and not really tech based but I
know cats and tech are connected

Dirk Talamasca says:

#Cats #Dogs

*Be More Dog*

Matt McKean says:

For #caturday…

o2ukofficial says:

Hi canthacan, we love the adventurous, enthusiastic personality of a dog.
We think everyone should be more dog and try something new. :)

Gabriel Gambetta says:

This ad is extremely funny and well done. Watch it.

It also got me thinking… although every cat and every dog has a different
personality, generalizations about the personality of the whole species
tend to be fairly accurate. I wonder what’s our “species stereotype” as

Just like we say “cats tend to ignore you” and “dogs are easily excited and
love to chase cars”, what would aliens say about humans?

Alica Krmac says:

Hahaha, love this add!! Be more dog indeed! It means – have fun!! Woof!

Hachi says:

Tumblr sent me here

davidfgranger says:

On the next advert the cat will maul a small child.

Business Punk says:

Be more dog!

Peter Bailey says:

This is brilliant

Lauren Cohrs says:

*I showed this to my dogs and they laughed.*

This spunky video reveals an awesome, dogtastic outlook on life. Best video
I’ve seen in a while, fur-real. *Carpe Diem* – *it means ‘grab the frisbee’*.
Get excited about life! Just be more dog…

#caturday #dogs #humor #inspiration

David Mustieles Muñoz says:

Friday….. I can smell the weekend….. will you be more dog or more cat?

O2 in the UK says:

Why not take a walk on the dog side of life? ‎#bemoredog

Lars Fosdal says:

Hahahaha…. Grab the frisbee! Be more dog! (=^-^=)

smokeylee1986 says:

This advert makes me cringe. Cats can be just as smart, playful, energetic
and as funny as dogs can be. I wouldn’t want my cat to be more dog lol.

Carola K says:



Paul Beebe says:

I know I’m playing right into the marketing teams hands but I love this

Nate Shivar says:

Possibly the greatest ad ever.

Jeremy Zebedee says:

What about Be More Cat!? /watch?v=hGp6szGLUjE

Jeff Sieh says:

*Be More Dog*

Change your perspective this weekend….be more dog.

Very funny commercial.

Thanks to +Ana Hoffman for sharing yesterday.

#caturday #bemoredog

O2 Guru TV says:

It’s a Maine Coon. :)

smokeylee1986 says:

I disagree. There are even some videos on Youtube of cats protecting
people/children. A dog once ran up to me aggressively and my late cat Lewis
ran over and jumped on it and went mental at it. The dog ran off with its
tail between its legs lol. Cats can be very protective, especially when it
comes to their owners and their kittens.

Lucy Hamilton says:

I tried to be a dog but then my brother slammed a door on my leg and I
realised that dogs get hurt an awful lot.

livadi9 says:

stupid annoying ad, but not so annoying as being in the center of munich
and unable to get a connection with o2

webspyder says:

Insecure people have dogs.


I love this ad. Genuinely love it.


i have a dog who’s like a cat, i wish it was more dinosaur sometimes…

Kali Draco says:

WTF?! O.o

At O2 they think that you can learn a lot from dogs, to them life is
amazing. Balls are amazing. Sticks are amazing. Chasing their tail is
amazing. So why are we all so bored? So why not take a walk on the dog side
of life?
No more cattiness. No more indecision. No more “meh”. Be more dog.

Paul Simbeck-Hampson says:

*Go on, be a little more dog*

Hat-tip to +O2 in the UK for a great ad – it also makes an ideal share for
#caturday :)

Ana Hoffman says:


Fun video, memorable, shareable, and… an ad.

This is how advertisement should be done. Shared by +James Perrin at +Koozai

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