Lady Gaga – American Music Awards Bad Romance / Speechless live 2009 HD

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Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance and Speechless @AMA2009 American Music Awards 2009 HD 1080p ! Sync Voice !!


Vince Gallo says:

she wrote all her songs,she co-produced all the songs,she plays alot of
instruments ETC,what is a musician for you then?!

Silvia Orsatti says:

People are so captured and distracted by her weird looks and stage
performances to not notice she’s a great singer and a very good musician.

Chris O'Brien says:


Christoph Waltz Superstar says:

If you fail at that you’re probably not a real musician.

Benjamin Cidro says:

it has been confirmed that LADY GAGA will perform in this year’s American
Music Awards!!

Jacob Rada says:

♥…♥ GaGa

Emilio Rojas says:

Lady Gaga performs.

Hajdu Virág says:

This girl isn’t from the earth! She is unspeakable! I’m afraid, she will
die before she will 40. Like Elvis did +2.

Alex RHernández says:

She sound very amazing with autotune but her Voice is so amazing

Abul Hossain says:

That is real y bad

mno0o1212 says:

Does not have the mind -.-

Manjunath Nayak says:

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Keiko Carasig says:

that deserves a standing ovation

Maggie Feten says:

Is she newed?…ew!

tammy hoppenbrouwers says:

One of my favourite songs ever from her x

Chris March says:

Anyone notice how the people playing the instruments during the speechless
look similar to SWINE?

Manal Germanotta says:


Matthew Higginbotham says:

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Birmingham Julñoñ jmn n.g. pñ

ArtseyGurl says:


BoltLightning says:

Is she not nominated for a AMA 2013?

Christian Castro says:


Arkadius Arhplus says:

i just had a revelation, picture this: guy accidentally builds time machine
in 1800’s and teleports himself to present day and lands in the middle of
this concert :) he’d probably think he landed in hell, goes back and
destroys time machine – thats why we never heard of it :)

MaNaL hassan says:

i don’t care baby you ere dead brain i don’t care 2 .. but you have to wake
up she is in the illuminati and we all know what is that mean .. in fact
a’m arabic .. and the arabic music is enough for me .. but when they got
famous for no reason i keep looking for .. and i finally got the answer :)

Totttable says:

read the top comment.

tim smith says:

she does have a good voice. she sounds like cher

isvelys hernandez says:

this performance was just inpirational

Vince Gallo says:

I was kidding I know who she is

Jovy Cayao says:

Come to earth ask every single living creature who is Mariah Carey ill tell
even a single bug knows her name and after you know about it go back to
your planet Gaga and tell all about it ok!!

MissCottonmouth7 says:

what does it mean when an artist produces their songs, like what do they do

Joan Donachie says:

She does the most dangerous looking things onstage at times! But you have
to be fearless, it’s what makes you great! :)

Leo Apollo says:

One of the best performances of the 21st century, LADY GAGA’s name is
written in the stars.

Ayanai100 says:

Lady Gaga is hell of an artist. She makes sure that every single
performance is a bang. No room for mediocrity

mrfuzzy00 says:

I think that that microphone has an auto tune effect to it anyone else

agatta santana says:

Perfeita ….

Lucianna Chazzone says:


THCandSS says:

she use the microphone to break the glass LoL

Jajat bautista says:

ohhhh god…. verry sexy….

grampaglasses says:

Gotta love the transition between Bad Romance and Speechless.

Noee Hernandez says:

i like this version of speechless. from the first time i ever herd it when
i was watching the American Music Awards live to the day i die!

Forthepaycheck88 says:

likely they want someone that sucks on an autotune…

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