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SHARK ATTACK!! WOMEN EATEN ALIVE BY SHARK ==================================================== SHARK ATTACK!! WOMEN EATEN ALIVE BY “shark attack women” “shar…


King Tango says:

If your reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years. To undo
this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck

EllieX Wolf says:

If you reading this comment your parent will die withing 5 years not taking
any chances! I love mine

ImBIink says:

If your reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years. To undo
this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck

MrTomi2202 says:

my parents r already dead,so should i copy this ?

Tyler Norton says:

You’re in its territory it has every right to attack. Humans are land and
sharks are water deal with it

Nathan Wells says:

Why did you have to circle the woman in the bikini? Is it not obvious that
that’s what 90% of people saw before the shark?

DatsWussupYaHeard says:

i tired of people or scientist or whatever df u wanna call them..they’ve
been trying to “prove” of god damn “sweet” these animals are
idgaf and forever i will hate them

unidentifiedsssource says:

I don’t think she likes the ”Association of saving the great white shark”

ksenia Kondrashov says:

Sharks are very scary and they scare me because there is all sorts of them
even shallow ones were you stand and they bite you

Reiniere Maghirang says:

u r a horrible camera men & you’re “Fired”

Hyexo says:

See how humans like the pain of dying

Bri bris channel says:

Stop recording and save her!!!

luis tapia jr. says:

look at that assssssssss

ARTmeg101 says:

-.- why… am I watching this… the day before I go to the beach on

Munia Khan says:

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Sup3rGame5 says:

Whoa dawg!

Steven Bian says:

18000000 sharks get killed every year for there fins and they are tortured
by not being able to move starving and bleeding to death and not able to
breath please stop shark finning this got 2000000 veiws 2000000 can maybe
stop this terrible and brutal torture to these wonderfull creatures and 10
humans are killed every year by sharks and while your at it maybe try to
stop net fishing which usally kills whales swordfish dolphins and turtles
so please stop the toture to these wonderfull sealife and maybe hope that
fisherman look in the mirror to see who the real monsters are

BeautyAngel365 says:

wow I have no words

Janie A. says:

I can’t believe I spent many vacations as a child and teenager swimming in
the ocean not even thinking about sharks. Never again!

TourdeFrance20131 says:

so disturbing

Valeria Hernandez says:

Thats why i do not like the ocean just the pool

amy stray says:

omg a girl is beeing attacked by a shark and someone has just pulled his
camara out a filmed it!

RainyNichole131 says:

Eaten alive??? She almost was.

tsutl84 says:

She wasn’t eaten, let alone alive. Another fake title for a video just to
get views!

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Carsten Pump says:

this video reminded me of jaws so watching THIS as well makes me only go in
a pool and that is it

trevalondon says:

is she still

Nathan Ifrah says:

Wow !!!! That’s horrible!!!!She is brave!!!

Taryn Maschke says:

eww eww EWW I don’t know why I’m watching this

Sam Mellors says:

He couldn’t even keep da camera straight

James Hawkins says:

Thanks bitch! Ain’t nobody die. I’m super pissed!

Bella Dolce says:

Sad, god bless

mani teja says:

Last image is Badly Photoshopped

violet johnson says:

i am so sexy

Amari Abron says:


STEVE M S says:


Juni Dahlke says:


ManchesterU Channel says:

she wasn’t eaten her leg ripped off by the shark

Tk Nc says:

How the fuck did she survive

DoctorKlenk says:

there are still a lot of big fish in some lakes.. catfish for example just
use the pool for 100% safety!

Elli Pirelli says:

is sie tot

zerarita says:

I wanna take a bite on that piece of ass

Charlotte Andrew says:

I see two great whites

AmericanWheerdo says:

more people die from plane crashes, more people die from train crashes,
more people die from walkways, more people die from crossing the street,
red meat gives you cancer.

AmericanWheerdo says:

THE SHARK SAYS: Yuuuuummm, a Justin Bieber fan.

Fadded Pitures says:


KnightriderTrixShot says:

actually the title is wrong because she was not eaten alive

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