Kutsuwa – eraser making kit #3 – hamburger

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(1) It cost 410 yen. (2) The ring is from my Whipple #2 video. www.youtube.com ▼We don’t have a facebook account. RRcherrypie on facebook is not us.▼ العاب يابانيه اطفال


lorian fairman says:

really is like the stuff in the video they have so much cool stuff in japan

RoyalZebraGirl says:

Did anybody know they actually have edible lotion that taste like yogurt and works like lotion?

ArielPotter1810 says:

Cherrypie erased She to He….IT’S A MESSAGE YOU GUYS

mandymixupforever says:

Debo admitirlo, me da hambre ._.

2000Bellerophon says:


missstarbuck says:

omg i really want to do this once. But unfortunately.. we don’t have eraser kits here.

annika cuizon says:

offence defense cook

ppmintcandy says:

no afence but in not spending all that time making that

rockstar2003ra says:

Where do you even get one I want one plz

ChoosieChooser says:

I GOT MINE 2 DAYS AGO AND MADE IT TODAY!!! I luv the way they turned out

Cntx3 says:

No.. O.o creep..

MizzBlomste Kingel says:

Can i eat

Llamaswithhats3000 says:

I wanna get one

hi181167 says:

うまいですね(  *・ω・)ノ

Anjani Gusman says:

seeing these videos I wanna go to JAPAN

sofy vargas says:

I just got it and can’t wait to try it out

sweetsacrifice5 says:

Why so many dislikes ???

amorsito28 says:

Are u single? jrasijgiojsiogrjsiojgsjgs

123456199fred says:

So I’m guessing that a guy made this video…(RRcherrypie is a club/organization with interchanging members,male and female)She-S=he

Sum yu cheung says:

oh ! very good !

Meoows says:

that was what i was thinking !!

h4ppyh4rdc0ril4 says:

lets hope he does, so he can erase himself from existance

isspecial89 says:

why would anyone by a set where you just snap them together?

bleedingroze says:

I would make the aqua teen hunger force.

daniella lazaro says:

im going to buy that when im going to Japan!!!! :)

Ferreira Silva says:

é sim

Lovet Quenchy says:

Is this only sold in japan ?

bakamboy says:

I want to aet this but this is an eraser only

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