Smokey green makeup tutorial

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Step by Step makeup tutorial products used: urban decay primer potion Mac shadows in juxt humid texture black tied vanilla Mac eyeliner smolder urban decay eyeliner in covet cover girl mascara lash blast brushes: 239 217 222 219 252 All products I have purchased on my own. LOTS OF LOVE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE : )


Ernst Lamothe says:

Absolutely AMAZING!

Ummara Jamil says:

Very Nice :)

SwaggaGirlParadise says:

so beautyfull!!

km tech says:

Absolutely beautiful. Period.

abdikadirmoaw says:

its cute

robertina1022 says:


elizabethrojas787 says:

This is really pretty but a lil harsh, but I like

besho587 says:

Eyes Not Ice

1007Assaf says:

This one is much better and your ice is so beautiful wow I’m very like it

Ashalee131 says:

WOW this is prettyyyyy

AznxXxDreamz says:

this is so beautiful!

aurora vega says:


Emeraldmommy says:

ok i just have to say ive loved every video youve posted! youre amazing!

Sheida Sararisamani says:

Mash-A-Allah Beautiful, thanks

sjarmeralt1 says:

Could you make a look for blonde blue-eyed girls?:) I would be sooo thankful if you did that, you have no idea!

PrimarkPassion says:

I love this look however I think if I did it, I would have to ease off on the black as I’m too pale and the black wouldn’t look too nice on me but overall its amazing xx

asianetaful says:

you are doing it so effortless 😮 lol love it <3

rahman hidayat says:

mantabs,,,,!!! two tumbs up


I love the look and your eyebrows…and you have the most beautiful eyes!!
The only problem that I have is that your not always in the frame when doing your videos and you move around A LOT!!—and it makes it hard to watch…otherwise you do a good job with applying your make up. Did you teach your self how to apply your make up or did someone teach you??? PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU WOULD–THANK YOU <3

sulee31 says:

love this makeup tutorial….

shanel yaygın says:

this was very helpful. by the way you have amazing eyebrows.

MsMajige says:

You’re great and work with such ease. I’m aiming to be as good as you.

asghar684 says:

sis what brand are your contacts?

bai zura says:

i like nice. cantik mata

BIOCA7 says:

Very beautiful !!!!

shawnette321 says:

i love it definately will be wearing it fa jamaicas independence

MizzyLexis94 says:

Your eyes are gorgeous~ #jealous!!! 

cosmeticluver says:

This is gorgeous. I’m gonna do it 4 a eid party I’m going to. RAMADAN MUBARAK TO U, AND ALL THE MUSLIMS READING THIS

Gillian McKenzie says:


Lizlizzy2004 says:

Love it!!!

crydoll01 says:

This is beautiful :) Glad I found your channel

hiyaable says:

you got some sexy eyes. n ima try that in a blue colour. nicework 😉

ZoRollenWe1 says:

i really hope you don’t get wrinkles soon because you tug your eyes.. A LOT

ArtemisN1 says:

this one lůooks already nice!

Itsn3ss says:

Stunning. I’m so going to try the dark on the inner corner as well. Genius

Kevin9999vr says:

i love your tutorials can you make a video using the pixi products, thanks!

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jessicahenry58 says:

Love it :)

Sabrina Dar says:

hey salaam… was wondering if you could do a tutorial on the scarf you’re wearing… thx salaam

Mskylie000 says:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…

Drialis Cardero says:

hi love the makeup but having a very hard time blending to many colors together. on me looks like a black eye on me. what should I do?

ninamariekay says:

Watch the tutorial “how to define your eyebrows tutorial part 3″ that is the one you need to watch to learn how to do the eye brows…(Darker eye shadows for a more darker defined look. :)

honibeeblue says:

loving the eye brows…..why dont u show us how u did them?

carlitos1743100 says:

q bonitos ojos

MichelaNails79 says:

very beautiful!!

minny818 says:

beautiful eyes!

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