Fun and Easy Splatter Party Nail Tutorial

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animequeen0827 says:

That’s funky

friederieke zitz says:

water is not a solvent for varnish. so, NO.

frantunes1 says:

Very nice videos,
just sub,hope you subscribe and enjoy my videos too !!!

souljaaagiirl says:

I hope your going to clean up your cuticles with a stiff brush or Q-tip.. because it no use to spend so much time to do a good job and then leave it sloppy lol!

souljaaagiirl says:

This is really pretty, but seems like it would take a while. I think with a black base and a bright color it would look nice!

jade o donoghue says:

its cool but not really my thing , sorry but if you like it is all that matter 😀 x

TheAm0097 says:

This is so awesome! I did it yesterday and it’s just amazing! Thank you so much! xx

hundefreundin1000 says:


13Facts says:

I never manage to paint my left nails… poor lefties!

Monalysa Romão says:

Gostei , e muito criativo _________<3

Tia Clarke says:

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sunlight490 says:

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siimatdu97 says:

I loveeee it ! Good job 😀 

GirandChopperLove says:

@6837lulu I know right! It was so annoying that I thought I’d give it a shot.

ultimatecharisma says:

so i add some nail polish remover to do this

6837lulu says:

this video pops up everywhere nd i always ignored it and finally i said OK fine ill watch it!! lol

bigbigbigboyswagger says:


keila rodrigues says:

é muito facil de fazer

ThePurpleninja2001 says:

watever ive seen better joke

gabby siedliski says:

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Danny Joy says:

Love it :) Thank you

Brooke Addington says:

This is all I’m going to say.

samantha raymond says:

totally goung to try this!!

Taebulge says:

It says in the video.

yomanihahofeshhagado says:

looks so easy!!!
Thanks i going to tray this!!!!!:)

supermariooneup says:

I wanna wear that to church on easter!

abaxtergirl says:

Is it possible to use nail polish remover or alcohol as thinner?

Sooma Al-sheraie says:

Wow that’s nice 😀

rose lin says:

that is i wast of nailpolish you know

nataliastoco800 says:

nem eu……

M4037331 says:

noo…never add water to polish unless ur doing a marble design….i think nail polish remover will work

Rebeca Guimarães says:

naum gostei

samzjavz says:

my nai polish didnt left the brush even :(

fiorella machetta says: publico vídeos y mis diseños! fíjense…

barbiegirlrockstar1 says:

i uesd water for this it works well

jessicagabrieleribei says:

muito legal

SnneyaWaft5r says:

that would be fun.. if you brought a room painted with white.. and gave me paint baloons.. That would be SO MUCH FUN *-*

Nuhalah says:

Can i use water insteat of polish thinner?

Julia Hereta says:

świetny sposób ale przesadziła z koloramii – great idea but she take to much colours !

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