Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

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This tutorial shows you how to achieve a natural simple look with makeup. I finally came around to doing this tutorial. =) Detailed instructions Music: Vanessa Paradis: St. Germain Yiruma: The Moment Yiruma: When Love Falls The ending song is called LOVE by Olivia Ong


00mayto00 says:

i like her hair in this video

lizzlyGrizzly says:

she looks like ashton kutchers first girlfriend in two and a half men
amazing look!

unabomberswag says:


taslgir says:

you look and sound like a professional makeup artist. even though i love your makeup ways, I’m still only going to wear eyeliner and lipgloss.

xMrCupcakex says:


boolovesyou34 says:

whye are yuh so beautiful?(: and i love this! thanks(:

canihavesomehotchips says:

This is so calming :)

TheEMOchickLOL says:

Well if you wanted all natural you wouldn’t wear makeup. This isn’t suppose to say this is the most natural thing in the world, it’s just showing you how to enhance your features with out looking overly cakey. I like this look, a lot.

Flashykaabii says:

Natural or not, still looks like you have makeup on o-o

maggie yu says:

the best video ever!

maha khawar says:

itz owsome! easy n descent!

stargirlsg11 says:

I don’t know why she puts on so much foundation….she has gorgeous skin.

ThePetQueen1 says:

she sounds like a person in a church video or something……

pokefannn1 says:

I do say. I just said it didn’t I? JK

fantasyxyay says:

… you dont say?

Kevin Howard Zipagbaigar says:

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Yugiohlover991 says:

Fucking thumbs up whore…Go back to your hole.

live4music121 says:

woah you sound and look sooooo different! and yeah, the whole, “watching this in 2012!” thing is getting a little old. I, on the other hand, am watching this in 1943 (:

pokefannn1 says:

No you aren’t…

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Tiana weldon says:

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TheGeorgia94 says:

I love her. Since she started make video… **

kristennlynne says:


CloverPatches says:

nope. her pokerface video has 35 million views. I think but IT HAS A LOT 😀

xXfreakgurlchanXx says:

nobody cares ♥

XoKawaiiLoveoX says:

Wow this was in 2007!!!! I was only 7!!!!!

PrincessxSadafx says:

Omg she changed so much

Nia Sanchez says:

i wonder how old she was when she made this video ?

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