My roommate’s chihuahua wants to kill me

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I am nothing but nice to this dog and it wants to bite my head off. The camera used is a Panasonic HMC150. If you’re curious as to who I am, click on either …


Jimmy Nails says:

lol fuckin demon dog

Chris Thorton says:

All animals get stressed if you invade was has been established as their
personal space. This will include dogs, cats, and also birds and fish.

Jupiter Zolo Rio Bella says:


TheMinecraftMudkip says:

when he barked at the end he scared me… but then I couldn’t stop laughing
at the slow motion demon chihuahua

Jamaica Rice says:

looks like jacob from twilight

Luvesaur L says:

Hahahah demon dog from hell

vaudevilleandvariety says:

Dude, everyone’s who’s saying that the dog is abused or that he mistreats
it needs to chill. It’s obviously well-cared for, well-fed, clean, nice
collar, bed with pillows and blankets, etc. Chihuahuas are just psychotic
sometimes. I work for the humane society, so we know how to handle
animals, and two chihuahuas tried to kill me yesterday, and that’s not
abnormal for a day’s work. No, he shouldn’t be sticking the camera in it’s
face, but it’s pretty clear the dog would behave like that towards him
anytime he approached it (especially when it’s in an enclosed space like
that), camera or not.

Sailent says:

Wow calm down Meepo

Heaven Stevens says:

I think your in its space

Misty Angels says:

Poor doggy!

Carissa Seidl says:

Hee hee Snowy!

moses richter says:

I actually just want to say this to the poster, for whatever reason he is
wary of strangers, or you, for whatever reason I don’t know, but you were
wondering why he winked at you.. I think that the wink means he is willing
to back off from the confrontation, he’s just saying he doesn’t really want
to pick a fight.. he’ll back down because he’s only trying to defend
himself. Alot of chihuahuas are like that, might be a territorial thing.

Liliana Gonzales says:

That dog scares me

Hans Tech says:

Keep replaying 1:09 almost died

lizardandrea1 says:

We as humans made some of these dogs hostile because of hatred , abuse,
looks, and size. Just stop neglecting them it will make them worse

watergoddess9 says:

This is a case for Cesar Milan! ;)

dorourke105 says:

Chihuahua: You eediot! geet that camera out of my face before I keel you!!

Juggaloogy says:

Little dogs have big bad growl/bark, and work overtime to use it because
they want you to know not to mess with them. That dog house is her personal
space, she’s saying stay out of it. But all that growling and snapping is
not normal or healthy. Dog has some anxiety issues.

Mikołaj Janowski says:

he is stupid, chihuahua can bite too,s…itch 

David Bath says:

Damn land shark, run Away. LOL

Jacky Borchtlombeek says:

Abused dog.. You should stop hurting him when your wife turns her back.

John Tyler says:

he needs the dog whisperor 

Noah H says:

Have you tried performing an exorcism?

Maryann Guiriba says:

He or she is so mean chihuahua. But I’m sure if she or he fights with big
dogs she or he will hide they are good only when they kept on barking
thats all but all and all they are all cowards.

Arlantiica says:

Maybe it’s because you’re putting a camera in his face. But also, if a dog
seems to not like you, do not keep getting in it’s personal space. Get a
trainer for God’s sake.

Rokulda says:

That dog would get a fuckin whooping

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