Learn the dance to Lip Gloss by LiL Mama

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need lessons? Go to TakeLessons.com – In this instructional hip hop dance video, Samantha will teach us a cool dance to Lip Gloss by LiL Mama, choreographed by Kristen Decesare. The video shows 4 counts of 8 – and she finishes the lesson by performing the dance.


yuiiikeeeswwweeoiiis says:

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dawaadream says:

should we move down our pants too ???

dawaadream says:

Whats up with her pants ? hhhhh

misty robinson says:

your a boss at dancing keep it up

Ayushee Koul says:

Great job there!!

SweetGirlNamedStephy says:


dallascowboys2466 says:

And she’s doing the damn counting like how she says it in the video because that’s how you do the “eight count” in dance. !!!!!!

dallascowboys2466 says:

All you fuckin haters talking shit.. Shut up. your annoying. And there’s no need to hate.

elsie37513ify says:

girl if that hair buggin u just cut the damn thing n stop tryin to hard bitch

Babi3Kakk3ez says:

Damn cunts hop off her shit ;D
Didn’t we learn this back in kinder , “if you Dont have anything nice to say then shut the fuck up” ? (:

Kaity228 says:

There is no need to be leaving rude comments. She teaches the dance very good! Learn the dance speed it up some then put it to music. And her counts are right! This is the way some people count dances. I know that’s the way I count sometimes. Very good video! :)

DancingGirlZhekO says:

WOw.. Это огромное и очень редкое достижение..
Большая молодец))

andiswa ndhlovu says:

this iz sooo cool

XxiliketwinkiesxX says:

no duh, she’s a female. Have you ever seen boobs before??

LizzJohannson says:

Fine, but you could also upload a video where youre dancing so not a tutorial but a complete dance. sorry if you have alreadyy.. :)

Cece Swaggie says:

Your video was just awsome don’t listen to negatives coments Luv u!!!

cirillopoersch says:

She has boobs.

whatsupemma says:

Man in intro: GET INSPIRED!
Me: no.

123smileableful says:

that was awesome and easy

Kendall Martin says:


Sophia White says:


danceheart66 says:

What a coincidence, I did a dance to this is 2007… Lol

breebree1239 says:

a little hard

britneythehedgehog12 says:


FarewellAphrodite says:

You’re a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

zahranana1 says:

It’s so easy

SweetEmeraldValley says:

There was a dance O.o?

Hanna Daniel says:


Gabriela A Sanchez says:

Everybody needs to stop hating cuz there can be an and in-between counts for people who are beginners and no NOTHING about dance so slow your roll guys! /:

bre141414 says:

im still practiceng from yesterdy’

sglovesbatman says:

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5…. That’s how I count ☺

1243moe says:

She bouta gett smack wit all these numbers lik we dont noee how to count already

Haley Westerman says:

dude thanks for teaching me how to count and STOP BEING SASSY LIKE YOUR ALL THAT GROW UP! just letting you know good vid tho 😛

ancsi199812 says:

Dance to Kat Deluna Whine up!!
this is the title!!

ancsi199812 says:

We did it at Hungary!!! Thanks you help us a lot please see it!! and don’t forget comment !! THX!

NotTheOnlyJobHunter says:

Learn a great, fun line dance…”The Unemployment Shuffle”. On youtube now!

dannydarling313 says:

Who taught you to count?

asiadatchick1 says:

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CBeadlesGal14 says:

thats rude… now its okay if all dat is u, but u dont hav to tell other ppl dat if its not true… so ya dont be a bitch!

ChelseaP1232 says:


Megan Ross says:

Play the music?! -__-

nguyelis001 says:

its just a fucking dance tutorial go hate somewhere you actually make sense 😀

richgirlswagATyoutue says:

Lol maybe u need to go back to dance skool cuz I bet if u tried this in front of my friends at skool they would boo u ALOT

christine kgautlhe says:

ya dunt hav no bum

juliana23351 says:

@petruce14 I don’t have a closet… & shut the fuck up!

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