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ShyVanessa says:

Where can I buy the brushes you used?:D

sheka03 says:

I brought the kit when I was in nails school, it was a waste of my money

FPMeventsKennels says:

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brendinhakrol says:

muito bom.. qse um efeito 3D.. muito bom

SalonEvgeniya says:

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Nena230410 says:

Los pinceles los pueden conseguir en sally beauty como en $70 pesos mexicanos…
Pero yo quiero saber si la pintura q usas es esmalte??? O q pintura es??? Plis contesta… Saludos desde Acapulco guerrero

ch12313 says:

at Sally beauty

virtual532 says:

what type of colour liquid do you use please?

Bubblyy82 says:

Where do you purchase the brushes?

torijenna1 says:

Where can I get the brush you used for the flower petals?

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ann569 says:

Shading/Flat brushes for blending 2 or more colors

ChromaCraze says:

I’ve never had a problem painting away from me. This is total bs.

daisy barosa says:

adorei isso faz com que a gente se aperfesue mais e um grande insetivo muito mais facil de aprender


law i

angelvane26 says:

Definitivamente muy bellas, de admirar

Unasyestetica says:

Veo que compartimos gusto por este arte.
Si te apetece, pásate por nuestro canal y suscríbete.

ErdbeerTropfenxD says:

i’ve made a video with ladybug nails
what do you think about it?

karlaolliver says:

Linda de mais

dany5495 says:

nossa e espanhol credo mais a unha e linda

redTalonsss says:

@itseffinsexxitime – that comment is hilarious =P

michelepiereder says:

what a beautiful design. natural and soft.

MsLen74 says:

dat is a simple designed but i knw more practice for me thanks i jst wanna knw where did u get da tpen looking where u can practice ur designed i would love to knw thank u.

wuidelvis says:


Matacr1stos says:

muy bueno colega a ver si con esto ganas dinero

NickFelanYok says:

it look easy .. But its not ..

rockedheart1 says:

thumbs up !
if you thought that was an mistake on the women’s nail XD !

bgirlsvip says:

 cd have v-rush brush?

MissXxMistressxX says:

die nägel von der person sind aber mal garnicht vorzeigbar O.o

UnghieChePassione says:

wow! i love it!

ann569 says:

acrylic. you can use polish as well. coming soon GelArts.

Sara C. says:

is acrylic paint or nail polish??

nikitabandara48 says:

guardate il video……..easy green nail art tutorial….. e stupendo

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