Magnet Gun

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Close neodymium sphere and magnet ramp magnetic launcher


slrucom says:

бесполезная фигня

DrTheKay says:

A magnut gun huh…it would be a lot quieter than a standard gun and the bullets would be reusable…

Omfghellokitty says:

Maybe if you designed the metal ball piece to be a magnetic piece to react with a metal bullet like how a firing pin reacts with primer on a regular bullet , then when one hit the other there’d have to be some sort reaction so that piece would accelerate the magnetic bullet

TheSupersoniclife says:

1.02 Backfire!!! 

is64611 says:


senzubeann says:

Where can i buy this stuff? Id like to experiment with it a bit.

senzubeann says:

Where can i buy this stuff? Id like to experiment with it a bit.

Vladimiusis says:


jcalderon166 says:

What? i think you are asking, Is it possible to make it go as fast as a bullet

MrVeruckt says:

invented, of course not

however it did bring the idea to the center stage

ComradeF3lix says:


jutol100 says:

where did u get so many magnets ?

SocratesProdgy says:

30-06 bullets don’t travel that fast but, to accelerate a steal ball bearing to past the speed of sound would require stronger magnets and a much longer rail.

SocratesProdgy says:

Gauss Rifle. Very nice setup.

Mohammed Smith says:

you are a foreigner

eakansiamamfi says:

like it.

gadewindchanlia says:

nice nice..

sam20237 says:

GTFO, I hate fucking foriners. I bet you were the one who bombed 20-12 olympics. Fuck you Dick

oDJolene320 says:

enjoying it 100%.

14279M says:

not really its just the attempt that you made at 1:33 failed but other than that great video

TizElVito says:

E hai provato a mettere una pentola con dell’acqua fredda sul fuoco? Pensa, SI SCALDA! Incredibile! Piú o meno come il tuo video…

94Annora731 says:

nice nice..

axeners5 says:


JorgeTobiUchiha says:

Hi, this experiment would be successful if I use neodymium magnets instead of normal square magnets?, greetings

stickfas784 says:

This is ridiculously awesome.

aj Goetzl says:

the millitary has a HUGE version of this called a rail gun and it can kill anything.. watch out terrorists

Mopja100 says:

whats so bad about that? seriously,

vistigioful says:

Looks fairly powerful.

kundalini77 says:

About 17kilometers or about the distance around LHC

Crock1998 says:

You mean Gauss gun :) I built something similar, very similar a coil gun in fact i won second place in the 8th grade science fair :)

californiavb says:

its funny what you end up doing living at your moms house and having no job

therealsporadicaarmy says:

I can assure you our friends at DARPA are working on such a gun. That would be the ultimate weapon, completely silent, even a suppressed firearm isn’t completely quiet.

FitzFran says:

This is fucking simple

WortWortWarthog says:

he never said it did. He just said it’s on the way. Probably because it’s the same concept

CaptainMalick998 says:

that wasnt the point of his comment… Hes jut saying a MAC gun as powerful as the one in halo is on its way

OrangeneMimi says:

Cool Gunpower

impossiblemanguy says:

The Halo MAC fires large depleted Uranium slugs at high speed using the basic principles of a railgun. Though technically possible it would require a large amount of energy, more than feasibly possible to generate currently. Wait long enough, and it could be possibly to make something not dissimilar to the MAC

muxammle says:

F’ing magnets … how do they work ?

FicticiousAnimation says:

Your balls are so magnetic it’s ridiculous.

Automobile577 says:

those are some powerful magnets

boydmark12 says:

Do you recken you can shoot yourself with it, so we don’t have to put up with this shit ever again

TrollfaceVZerkale says:

О МОЙ БОГ!!!! Он свалил пенопласт шариком!!! Вы только представьте… ПЕНОПЛАСТ СВАЛИЛ!!!

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