How to Get Away with Stealing

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Learn how easy it is to make fake passports and scam the rich into trusting you with thousands of dollars. If the fraud industry were its own country, it wou…


16cliffedge says:

funny at the end when the woman pisses herself

Daniel Maritz says:

what a load of shit

Lunaea Domiá says:

That ex-gangster guy can’t talk for shit

Benares Ali says:

Dirty cash is never long term…guaranteed locked up eventually. All the
material gain will either break, get lost, get stolen etc. Best bet, get a
real job, be happy. 

Darryl Hetherington says:

…nobody ‘gets away with’ stealing
Tis the law of the universe

Uzumaki Naruto says:


Ray Dingo says:

I don’t get it. Why can’t the camera ppl after filming this make a citizens
arrest to jail these lazy good for nothing swindlers

Brandon Dorrington says:

This is the reason the u.k is in debt you idiots people like this make me

Dark Flash says:

god didn’t give you a bum to walk in back of me fucking hell lol

Kylie Brown says:

good robin hoods – like them

Andrew Matthews says:

His wife is definitely a junkie

Alec Mason says:

It’s kinda fucked up how hard they try to justify their actions.

Yeah some people have it worse than others, but most of these people
already have a place to live, food to eat. They just want the latest
sneakers, latest fashion. Because that’s more important to them. So they
decide, instead of finding a better paying job or saving up for it. They
are going to go steal it. And they justify it by “Oh but it’s more like
taking it indirectly” Stealing is Stealing no way around it.

They help some around the community who has it worse, that’s a good thing
but would be better if they didn’t ruin other peoples lives by doing it.
Kinda removes the whole “Oh I helped someone give me a fuckin’ pat on the
back now”

They take money from others, put those people in debt so their lives are
ruined because they want the latest sneakers, but they say they have it so
bad they almost got no food, so to get it we shall put others in the same
situation. Make them have it maybe even worse than we do. Cause most of
them can afford food and do have a place to live. So that they are starving
isn’t the real reason behind it. They just want the latest stuff.

And that they try to justify if like it isn’t robbery cause it’s not face
to face. Well doesn’t make it any better, you still take other peoples
money. Money other people worked for to put food on the table and a place
to call home. And you also taking more money from them than you would by
just mugging them.

You might even put them in debt for the rest of their lives. They decide to
ruin other peoples lives, just to make theirs a little bit better. To be
able to get the latest movies, the latest clothes.

It’s kinda sick how hard they try to make themselves look like “We’re the
good guys, we don’t do bad things, not really”

I’ve done my fair share of bad stuff but I never tried justifying it like
I’m a saint. I’m not a saint and I’d be the first to admit it

Kei Zhang says:

Why is there are English subtitles over English subtitles. 

J. Lee says:

how the fuck do you commit crime with honor, dignity, class etc..?!
Leave a thank you note and take a bow? 

Sam Haslam says:

“But when you’re belly’s hungry and you need to eat and you wanna buy a
nice pair of trainers all the other kids got on, yeah?”

Unequivocally the two most tragic outcomes of the desperation that poverty
brings: hunger, but primarily unbranded and unfashionable footwear.

You heard it here and here is REAL. Gritty east London street life innit.

Jordan Burr says:

IRA send a sniper up your ass. But that wouldn’t look to good for their PR
would it? Fuck ’em let them have it. Gold Finger Sniper Squad, .50 cal in
back of a hatchback.

Kevin Lidwin says:

That laugh

blackballsable says:


Moomoothecow says:

It’s fake lmao, i’ve seen the same exact facebook line all before in
another one of these scamming videos

Megan Duggar says:

I imagine that’s how an ashtray would laugh

johnny Harris says:

if the characters, in this video are doing so well. Why do they all look
like they are waiting for the, next government. to appear in their
mailbox.. The only true way to make money, without someone coming after
you, or looking over your shoulder all the time. Is to invest and invest
wisely. Stealing from people or conning people, sometimes they come after
you looking for their money and if you do not have it they take the nest
the next best thing. Sometimes it.s a body part or love one, no matter
what people know people are going to get that money back.

Evilmorman2 lets plays says:

you accumulated 10 to 13 million pounds? Damn you must be fat!

Mentally Hilarious says:

How to get away with stealing? Simply just work for the government.

giulia1600ti says:

Ha ha!! 11:10…Gordon Ramsay!!!

jose m says:

what a load of shit-sure the ira fell for a washy washy scam-gies peace,if
anything they wouldve told them to bring it all then robbed them for it-and
that’s a 1,000,000/1 shot-not because its the ira either , the uvf and guys
like these don’t get took for money-“we arent scared of the ira”-sure your
not,these guys only managd to mortar bomb downing st and blow half a hotel
containing the government half way to mars,they are never going to go after
a bum con man,they probably couldn’t find him! jeez what a wopper 

David Attwell says:

Fraud = Jews

Chedam420 says:

sick video 

Adam H says:

my question is why the fk are they showing there faces….

YouRateThis says:

Fucking hell that’s Welling, that’s where I live 23:25

hyperactivecalvino says:

Funny thing is these thieves could make more getting a real job then they
do stealing. 

Onuke says:

Is this real? Are they real people, not actors?

Larry Jones says:

Easiest way to get away with stealing-be a politician or so called policy

Monstertalon says:

Smiffy’s restaurant sells Pie & Mash.. And,… Wait for it.. Spotted
Dick!?? WTF!!? 

Big Al says:

,i hate the fact these colored bastards have polluted England,they will all
be chased into the ocean someday soon.they can’t resist crime,they are
scums.what kind of a crook buys groceries for single moms??this is fake
just like the money in that case,fukn black bastard.kill em all.

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