Perfect Liquid Liner/gel liner tutorial

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MAC Blacktrack fluidline MAC Kohl pencil in Smolder Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush from Target Follow me On twitter Friend me on Myspace Go to my Blog


Kim Shoshi says:

RIP my ears at 0:00

Kim Shoshi says:

I dont get it -.- Like, what wrong with what shes doing?

pinkxfoxes says:

Love it

bebymami says:

beautifully effortless :)

bebymami says:

wow u put the liquid eyeliner on so nicely but definently have a sence of how to do it now thank you

villarreal95 says:

Wow, that was perfect. Thank you sooo much!

lusymetal says:

love it! keep doing videos like that

meme2361996 says:

استغفر الله و اتوب إليه

Lataniaslr says:

you are good !

Mega420dank420 says:

Best easy fast eyeliner tutorial!! like how what was used is listed right under the video

Shamsabdulkareem says:

What kind of brush is she using ?

MsKristeen25 says:

best eye line tutorial ive seen yet

taylormbowers1 says:

Your so pretty no fair :c

yaoiqueen1234 says:


Jayda41692 says:

This really helped me alot, no bullshit and soo simple thank youu :))

shortygonzalez72 says:

Yhur shitt Is bornq homequrl

dina iraq says:

goooooooood :)

daloolah3 says:


jack lewis says:

Best video on here, pleaaaasseeee can you make a foundation tutorial cos you seem really talented?! Thanks, mwaaahh :* xx

maryam ali says:

thanks u helped me too

maryam ali says:

awesome very good

VaginasPlayGames says:

Did…Did she just call me a bitch? AW HELL NAW.

eleettu15987jb says:

Is it just me or is the video a little messed up? Now the video itself, but its blochy and stuff…

asiaxxloser says:


candylova14 says:

AWwesome ( :

callofduty0072010 says:

Love it!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

TEAIRRA181 says:

MAC blacktrack fluidline

ladees mahadin says:

what kind of eyeliner is she using? (:

TheMsjessisamess says:


BooGrl77 says:

I love that you had a lil ooppss on the left eye – but still made it look perfect …almost like Bob Ross…make beauty out of lil mistakes! I love the video! Thanks!!

bakhtiar hussain says:

sooooooo nice

maiker36 says:

nice !!!!!!!!

irep146jesus says:

Neither do I lol… so weird 

honeybun705 says:

this is perfect… im trying to get it right… xoxo

Kaitlyn Daire says:

Outline it with like a liquid or a gel

anthony battle says:

For some reason pencil doesnt show up on my eyes. What can i do because I love the way it it looks

ithinkilostmyway says:

this really helped me thanks :) x

kaydikhaos says:

Very helpful…..and very talented with eyeliner:)

awesomazical says:

Ah fuck it stings!

pinkylosy says:

I really wish I have thick eyelids like urs.

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