Rudimental – Right Here feat. Foxes (Official Video)

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Buy ‘Right Here feat. Foxes’ here: The album ‘Home': We would like to say that no animal…


NakedBusted says:


whaojoe7 says:

i have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

and i’m all out of bubblegum.

Donna Wharton says:

Absolutely love this track. Video is brilliant too.

Ben Smith says:

For those of you who are curious about the explanation for the video clip,
I am offering my understanding of it. The video begins with the girl in the
white shirt beginning to realize she isn’t free, and is doing the bidding
of other people. That is juxtaposed with the monk looking over the
cliff/waterfall;- a vision symbolizing freedom to express himself freely in
comparison to someone who is forced to abide by others rules.

It’s worth noting at this point that he is standing on top of the cliff
above the tigers below. At this point, we need to establish characters
within the story presented. The monk is a version of oneself;- free and
uninhibited. The tigers being the alternative version of oneself are
situated below the monk, and are characterized as fighting amongst
themselves, and not at peace.

At this point it becomes clear the video clip is using the monk and the
tiger(s) as characters to define ones’ desire to strive for self
expression, and not be stifled by the forces that may be.

In the end, the girl in the white shirt represents the part of your mind
that controls your direction in life;- she releases the tiger and saves the
monk on a quest to liberate it. This to me symbolizes the idea that
expressing yourself freely will be met with some significant hurdles, but
will ultimately lead to a freedom which allows honest, unfiltered,
uninhibited self expression. How is that for overthinking things? :)

ROSAY9 says:

oh my goodness me THIS SONG. THIS VIDEO. 

Celine Olsen says:

Love the song!

Niebianin says:

That music at the 1:10 <3 oh fu#k it! The best part from 0:00 to 6:19 :D

melina taank says:

shaolin munk, peace and power.

Randolf Ando says:

They’re Thai? I thought they’re Filipino

pim haastra says:

this is really the best video ive ever seen i mean aal the videos from
rudimental are awesome but this one comes out

Yariah Hayes says:

What is the message implying i get half of it?

blueberry917 says:

Om-Mani -Padme -Hung

Jakub Čaňo says:


Aled Rees says:

Love the video

OneBombMusic says:


Annie Xamonty says:

+Videoguy789 Oh, what are you? 7 too? For commenting on something that you
don’t even like and being negative about it. Yeah okay, 7 year old with
your childish “videoguy789″ name 

Crazy RabbiT says:

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Videoguy789 says:

My god all the Rudimental’s music is stupid, boring and repetitive, but not
in the Clean Bandit way. Plus the video? Violin monks and tiger and
gangsters ang guns and fighting! YEAAAH!! What are you, seven?

Sunburn says:

#MustWatch UK’s finest +Rudimental releases the official music video for
their track ‘Right here feat. Foxes’.

Check it and let us know what you think about it. #NewMusic 

gonzo nwm says:

Awesome !

WSRMediaChannel says:

My Mrs bought this album a few days ago whilst on holiday. We listened to
it on the drive back from Wales and I had persuaded her to let me buy it
off her by the time we got back home.
I was stunned when I first heard this track play in the car. The production
on it is brilliant…especially the guitar drop @ 3:09 onwards.
Listen to it at a good volume on a decent system and you will see what I

KahMun Yang says:

Hear this song on radio, Youtube the video and… Wow!

Heaven Char says:

I love that *o*

Aleksandar Dzever says:

goosebumbs all over the fucking place im tellin ya

amira fatin says:

foxes has a great voice..i just love how she sings..’hoooooohh’ at the end

Leonora Simoska says:

15 december in skopje !!

cannot wait ! 

FaZe DsR says:

Hahaha I just had a feeling the tiger was gonna save the monk…

Jackie Gilmore-Crowe says:

Yet another fantastic video to another fantastic song by Rudimental :-) 

MizzPanda Heart says:


Elisha Chua says:

Yay, it’s the singer from Zedd’s “Clarity”! Now I have yet another new
favorite EDM artist, thumbs up for Rudimental! 

The Mighty Dr Octagon says:

Tune , this is my bus song lol collage ting 😉 

ben hague says:

i like this music

jelice nyron says:

Love this song 

ramonito Gayotin says:

Holy shit, Ongbak came for the tiger

toolik panov says:

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stogi5959 says:

Here from Grey’s Anatomy! Great song.

Im Maggel says:

There is no force stronger than struggling with heart

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