Top 10 Career Ruining Movies

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Can careers come back from the dead? Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 career ruining movies. For this list, we’ve chos…


gdh6200 says:

Am I the only one who actually liked Phantom Menace?

GunfightersINC says:

Sorry, Kevin Costner is the man, I liked both the postman, waterworld, and
his western Open Range is one of my top ten favorite movies.

Hannah Selig says:

I actually like The Last Airbender
I love the effects, I have an inability to see bad acting (most of the
time) and I thought the characters were interesting!
But maybe I just like it because I wouldn’t know a bad movie if it jumped
out the screen and yelled “BAD MOVIE” at me!

Simon Željko says:

The Postman was ok, at least story wise. Sentimental, even cheesy at times,
but still decent enough. Never liked Costner that much as an actor anyway.

TystheGuy says:

Number 1 is stupid, the kid didn’t have a career to ruin, and just ’cause
you’re cast in a movie as a kid, doesn’t mean you’ll have any talent as an
adult, so Star Wars ep. 1 Could very well have been his only shot at being
an actor.

Penny Lane says:

Why is The Village hated so much? I’m aware of many considering it a
horrible movie but I found it actually quite entertaining and the twist was
very memorable.

NoGuff says:

Jake Lloyd gave up acting soon after Ep1, so you can’t really say it was a
career ender because he was only, what, 10 years old, max? At that age
you’re not really acting out of the passion, but really for your parents
pocket book. Besides, if he wasn’t any good, the creator of “Star Wars,”
someone known for taking a long time to cast his films, wouldn’t have cast

Cuba Gooding Jr. had several leading roles after that stinko movie. Not
all great, but he wasn’t inactive by any means.

Caviezel wasn’t a name actor at all before “The Passion of the Christ.”
Yes, he was in “The Thin Red Line,” but still he wasn’t known to the
public, and therefore people didn’t see him acting constantly. And he did
have roles after, not just “Person of Interest.” Bad list.

nick black says:

phantom menace was the best of the trilogy.

Stephanie Crocker says:

Waterworld was *WAY* before its time.

Allison H says:

My parents watched Waterworld all the time, but I’m pretty sure they both
hated it

Tristan Morphew says:

I love Kevin Costner and Norbit!

Dário Sá says:


billa107 says:

Well to be fair, Mike’s career was in the toilet by Cat in the Hat, Love
Guru was just the final nail in the coffin.

matthew4307 says:

hey i liked waterworld

amber lawson says:

norbit i love that movie :D

francious welch says:

for a second I thought they were going to talk about pluto nash that was
a funny movie

TheUberBowTieGuy says:

They forgot about that guy who played the EPA worker in ghostbusters

Brad Simpson says:

Career-ruining movies? How about the original Star Wars series? Harrison
Ford was the only actor to make it out of that black hole. Every one else
was immediately typecast and couldn’t work on another project. Have a look
at Mark Hamill’s resume.

rue manley says:

I loved phantom menace,love guru,and norbit.
There all different from other comedies and that’s why I liked them

Krister Andersson says:

I liked cuthroat island

AlexxavierE says:

Well I haven’t seen Justin Chatwin since Dragon Ball Evolution XD

Animagladius says:

I just can’t agree with the comments about both Waterworld and Postman. I
found both movies to be excellent.

bigmattman2005 says:

Star Wars 1??? Are you kidding me?

I mean, it was the beginning of a career ender for the film directors of
the star wars franchise, but not the boy, he didn’t have a career to start

YoutubeFixed-upVideos says:

The Last Airbender was a favorite!

thepolarblair1 says:

star wars was such a shame. No kid actor could have saved that horrible
mess and blaming him is completely missing the point. There were waaaaaay
bigger problems with that piece of crap.

SocraticTaoist says:

Lets be honest about Mike myers, he has played some of the worst in all of
his movies. The love Guru was probably his best role, its def my favorite
Myers film.

Alexia Morales says:

the nipples……………………….

IntheeyesofMorbo says:

cutthroat island wasnt a great movie but i dont think it was stinker
either. it was a bit long but id rate it a solid 5 or 6 out of 10. They
just spent too much money on the sets and production I think when they
could have gotten by with less and focused on the action and dialogue.

Jose Velon says:

I disagree with this: 3:57 about Kevin Costner I loved “Waterworld” and
“The Postman” I think they’re great and unique titles!

erick cruz says:

More inaccurate

James Karlovsky says:

Yes, I agree with all this and I definitely think that the one the that a
career most in a movie is Jake Lloyd from “Star Wars episode I: The Phantom
Menace”. I guess he should gone with car racing.

Albert Genzen says:

John Travolta, Forest Whitaker: Battlefield Earth.

Ninjamohawk says:

I really don’t like The Phantom Menace but not because of Anakin or even
Jar Jar. The pacing was way off, the script was terrible and the plethora
of drastic lore changes were without a shadow of a doubt the very
definition of reprehensible. Fuckin Jake Lloyd did a perfectly good job.

Alain Rens says:

I’ll forgive Costner for Waterworld, he made Dances with wolves after all

assmane999 says:

Episode 1 was a career-ruining movie. Jar-Jar Binks hasn’t worked since.

Ecwfan says:

10) Yep the Love Guru I think was Myers trying to create another franchise
in a way like Austin Powers and Shrek. It didn’t work. 8) O’Donnell after
another bomb or 2 went into TV series work basically. Sad about Reeves. Its
a shame his last Superman was that awful. As far as Gooding goes , Boat
Trip came out the same year and made people joke…’This guy won an Oscar ?
Seriously ?” Berkley did have a bit of a small rebound with a part in “1st
Wives Club” a year after Showgirls. Great list.

Ditball989 says:

The Master of Disguise needs to be up there.

Prog Lover says:

nothing as bad as what “Home Alone” did to heroin addict Macaulay Culkin 

Richard Canipe says:

didn’t Superman Returns was a semi-sequel since it was dedicated to
Christopher Reeve himself?

mustache man says:

The last airbender was cool

shingouki666 says:

Costner did Open Range which was pretty well received. Just going to skip

jakelhamon says:

but…I liked snow dogs

Brian Shaffner says:

Too bad for TPM. Liam Neeson was great as Qui Gon, Ewan too as a young
Obi, and it was Natalie’s best performance in the series. Also,
potentially the most menacing Sith, although nothing was done with him.
Sadly, those things aside, it was riddled with terrible scripting and
really dumb plot ideas. Let’s not even get into JJ. And, yes, god,
Batman & Robin was just an embarrassing movie on all fronts. Thank
goodness for Nolan’s redemption of the whole franchise.

TheTNTurtle says:

I think you missed Dana Carvey in Mater Of Disquise

Marina Toshkovska says:

Humm.. “Norbit” was a cool movie, and I have “The Love guru” on DVD.

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