Zombie Attack Pranks Compilation

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Zombie Attack Pranks Compilation Zombie Attack Pranks 2013 Rights reserved. For all inquiries, contact yesfunnyyes@gmail.com Original Video Links http://www….


masilathievesguild says:

1:09 the kid climbing the fence to get away from him is halarious

Tim VeLoAn says:

The black crew would kill that zombie ;D

incervialbi says:

They should have another actor in on it playing a pedestrian getting his
neck bit into like an apple. If they did that, it would double the funny. 

Vantageshriller says:

lol this is definitely some good stuff!

JustLinkStudios says:

Haha, don’t forget your magazine

porpus99 says:

1:03 the reaction of the guy climbing the fence “Ive seen this movie! The
black dude always dies first!”

carabela125 says:

at 1:21 he got beat to a pulp

Andre Novado says:

1:10 i lol’d so hard XD

nazeef Abdullahi says:

You know how you would really get ppl?…if like a 100 zombies just burst
into a park at once

Emily Clarke says:

The guy at 2:00 should have been like “GO BACK TO THE SHADOW!”

Kayleigh Welch says:

OMG 1:15 XD

ro0bbie says:

music by??

J Ramirez says:

The last ones were HILARIOUS! :-D

autobotbeast14 says:

Now if this shit was real, dat black dude wouldve been gone

alyssa lopez says:

I’m dying here. Haha

mit mumo says:


Eduardo Caro says:


Allan Poe says:

1:00 run nigga run

JaceFamouss says:

Check Me Out! JaceFamouSS 4! Funny Shit! HAHAHAHAHA! Got other Parts and
Music Too Check me Out Thanks! 

Liam Avale says:

It is very good I liked the part where the woman is drop things scare!

joakim flatnes says:

0:50 hmm. I will just stand here and watch this guy get eaten by a zombie.

alantutoriales1949 says:


Chris Tran says:

Man: Stay back (I have the bible)
Zombie: …. awrghhhh (fuck that)
Man: *throws bible at zombie*
Zombie: *no effect*

Steven Williams says:

This is hilarious

Mitch Davis says:

Thats a good way to get stabbed in the head with a screwdriver, knife,
shovel, pitchfork, machete, sharp stick, etc.

xavi86bgd says:

it turns out that a book could be a usefull weapon against zombies…

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