Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Trailer – Full Version

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This is a no holds barred look at where the guys at Infinity Ward are taking the series with this second entry in the Modern Warfare branch of the Call of Duty Franchise.


Mariah Curry says:

This game is worth everything :)

GamesOffNermal says:

R.I.P Ghost i would love to see how he could kill Makarov

sansonemarlaj says:

I obtained my copy of COD: Modern Warfare 3 at no cost through:

On3InVerSioN says:

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memati bas says:

from where do you get this video inserts (i think for mission takedown,enemy of my enemy) please send me link!!!

golliath978 says:

@MrSatternJr Lol

MrSatternJr says:

I loved the game but didn’t like this. Not because its not good, but because I couldn’t watch the trailer without remembering Mai’q from morrowind/oblivion/skyrim and then realizing I missed the trailer thinking of Mai’q the liar.

sp141eh says:

Love this game but mw3 isn’t that great at all

NaziZombieWarefare says:

@ Gidy800 whats wrong with black ops?

Gidy800 says:

The last good CoD

Sazkuki says:

This trailer sure got me hyped that time ..

kagandpearlyy says:

I recently download COD: Modern Warfare 3 totally free through a website:

PabLoosch says:

lol thats the reason why i am here

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sp141eh says:

Best game ever!!!

MultiFrodo01 says:

1:10 this can be ghost 😉 😀

iHaveGasFromEating says:


Нивас Скела says:

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Ryan Moore says:

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99XxbatxX99 says:

@Kurt Cobain shut up nigga asshole this game is awesome

99XxbatxX99 says:

Awesome+WTF+holyshit+long game+i will play it:D

AttitudeEra4life459 says:

dude that is so fucking old.

AttitudeEra4life459 says:

MW2 was my first COD. I was a Christmas noob with MW2. haha.

Le0141 says:

You high? Lol.

revolvermikey says:

shut up im otto hamedi

FuckBattlefieldGames says:

shut up nigger

FuckBattlefieldGames says:

wtf? people still play this gay shit? i bet a 5 yr old can make a better game than this

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