Angry Birds Facebook Gameplay: Surf & Turf

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Qwertyjones14 says:

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duhun10 says:

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miguel lopez timoteo says:

your name is justin

AviciHell says:

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angrybirdsrock123 says:


KiwisurfApps says:

If you like surf & turf food, check out our app, just search Surf & Turf on iTunes/appstore.

chickennuggetfan says:

Hey guys I found out a way to get free iTunes giftcards and xbox live Microsoft points and other things.
Just go to the app store on an iPod, iPhone, or Android device.
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renata de sa says:

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terex1762 says:


terex1762 says:


rharrisfrazierrhf says:


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brian206lopez says:


707zahran says:


SweetGirl41320 says:


Chutima Wongtaweesap says:

oh there is angry birds in facebook now

Elaine Lin says:


vickrage30 says:

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eciklat says:

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Yissie2314 says:

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elizaldeluna1 says:

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dafar ali says:

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dafar ali says:

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jongjin200011 says:


hankscarrie47 says:

Angry birs and blak yosh

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