New GTA 5 Trailer [HD]

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This new trailer about Grand Theft Auto 5 shows how Bryan, a young successful business man, suddenly realized that his long time partner, Patrick, is nowhere to be found or contacted. He became very desperate because he borrowed a lot of money from a loan shark to finance his business, and most of that money is still in Patrick’s hands. And then things got a bit more complicated when a man who wants to talk about the payment for his debt is waiting for him outside of his apartment. Source:


Eli Sheperd says:

cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait

polozompis says:

you saw the glasses but not the HAT???

TheAnde300 says:

Gay advertiser!

TheAnde300 says:

Suck my balls!

TheoKIRAo says:

3:25 no sunglasses 3:27 sunglasses

TheKrullmaster says:

1:42 :O

fliiboiidave156 says:

i didnt know niko had a baldhead @theminernoob

cierafbrysonf says:

You’re able to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas totally free from:

guy fentai says:

this gta iv

Stefan Stankovic says:


theoscarization says:

3:08 he he Nico Bellic 😛

krochastylazalega says:

wtf, i wanted to see a long gta5 trailer.. thanks “gta5tv”

theoscarization says:


TheMinerNoob says:

NIKO 03:08

baptiste71850 says:


thebaya1 says:

song at the beginning ???

enes türkyılmaz says:


PavelPunk96 says:

Ахах ага вобще пиздец))))))))))))гыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыы

K4Renat says:

GTA IV + Idiot = GTA V

elotito67 says:

eso es gta 4!

kdrealg says:

Shot shit shit ,i want that mexican OG skinnnn

xPutin23x says:

Great video… but still, FUCKING FAKE!!! D:

JeremyTheJAR41 says:

Nappa is that u?

Dodo silva says:

isso é gta 4

banzaillamas says:

The Bahama Mamas thumbnail kinda gives it away…..

jewzii1 says:

uploaded 2010 ??? soo this is gta4 or what ??

DeathSeekerism says:


richiegriffin55 says:

Whats songs that when hes inside the club?

Terj0013 says:

00:37 – The Last Airbender 😀

Franco Pozas says:

03:09 Niko Bellic appears!

cskinner8408 says:

This bullshit

benjadrine says:

haha ten million view soon

gabey1111 says:

what trailer is 12 minutes long?

TheDatdude305 says:

bring c.j back

Matt Nash says:

Seriously? No, Seriously?

Matt Nash says:

Lol Nice try Bitch

jumpmonky1 says:

Fake but nonetheless nice

NandoraCS says:

Fake trailer but cool “machinima”

cane250 says:

Es el 4 de gta

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