Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer – E3 2010

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Get your first glimpse of the upcoming MMO set in the iconic Star Wars franchise with this cinematic trailer! The Old Republic releases on 12.20.11, so watch this trailer and prepare yourself for battle! Our review in progress is happening right now! Read our impressions of how the game is evolving as we level up: Subscribe to our Old Republic channel so you don’t miss any videos posted by IGN: And for more coverage on this hotly anticipated MMO, Force Leap over to IGN:


evan3y says:

Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2?

Scarecrow5532 says:

Okay, a trooper taking down three sith, that is just epic! 😀

sinsduden says:

best bot 2012

holylolsygaming says:


Irregularblob says:

No….RPG’s have to diverse controls for a controller. Especially with all the spells

11morando says:

they should make a story RPG star wars game for ps3 and xbox
like if you agree XD

yellowravenpro says:

Most of COD trailers are based on the campaign. Too bad nobody plays it.

NICTIBBS97 says:


bolt1217 says:

I hav watched this so much but i still luv it!

JimWeeni says: the …colest starwars trailer EVER

五百満 譲渡 says:

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stevenpeter2012 says:

SWTOR is a Great MMORPG,I play this game for a long times,google ownyo will find what different between them.

Gomego87 says:

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cptmitchell94 says:

Fus Ro Da????

This is Kamehameha!

filippo ferrari says:

darth malgus is the most powerfoul sith ever!!

DISRUPT nine says:

it took me 2 days to finally play it …FUCKING BULLSHIT

wolfpup9 says:

I bought this game ans all I want is to play the dam game but i have to sign in and all this stuff.

Shredow2 says:


SamBCR3 says:

This NEEDS to be turned into a film. They did it with the Clone Wars so why not this?

misterawesome1234 says:


dean begley says:

they arent clones the r mandilorian…..

icausewipes says:

how could a game that looks this cool go so wrong?

Forthepaycheck88 says:

COD(Call of Doodoo) is an overrated game, but a marketing genius. They managed to trick much of an entire populace into becoming addicted to crap in a jewel case. Every 6 months a new one pops up, and its lather, rinse, repeat of the last game… but ppl pony up another 60$ for something they already have!

UnleashTheKyuubi says:


Brendanmickyd says:


Right2Lefty says:

Wait is this game an MMORPG, like guild wars, or is it single player like KOTOR??

ashumon23 says:

yes it is.

TH3D34D3ND says:

skyrim does. It’s absolutely as awesome as the trailer!


Darth Malgus

Heliosmaster3 says:

Clones or soldiers are trained in specialized hand to hand combat and most melee weapons are made to withstand a strike from a lightsaber!

tadanorm says:

thats untrue

Jesse Hernandez says:

Whos that @ 2:24? Someone plz reply

Jesse Hernandez says:

so true…

keyralover1914 says:

God-tier trailer; shitty game.

therealGLAD says:

trooper are awesome, they can do anything

Gfulino says:

Gus Fring enough said

the5stacys says:

awesome, yeah, awesome

LogicalMan6 says:

1. I think it’s up to level 50, according to the ign article.

2. Yeah… I don’t know. I started to play the first and it just seemed to take FOREVER. But then again I was trying to do it all.

3. Oh, maybe I’ll try again… Or beat Infamous 2. (started it, lost track of stuff, moved on)


That was pretty much the best Republic Commando in my opinion, he went through two Sith, and could grapple with a 3rd one?

AsgerMortensenVFX says:

1:50 I’m really not sure what he was trying to achieve, when he did that run towards the sith. He had a knife vs a sith with a lightsaber. In close combat… That’s pretty stupid! 

sneakylittlegit says:

1. Free to a certain in-game level, but I believe all the story missions are available.

2. I meant that in the way of you don’t need to have played the first ones, but they really are excellent games by themselves, regardless of this one.

TheArrowsPath says:

…That kill wasn’t really jedi-like.

Dasdingoman SkapalPes says:

This game is really better than shitty WoW in any side!STORYLINE JUST ROCKS,ATMOSPHERE you really feel that you are jedi or republic soldier/sith/empire agent,companions that will have their point of view like in Dragon Age…Game is totally worth for any MMORPG fan especially for STAR WARS FANS,rest of you who dont know what good is it go play comics shitty WoW with no point,this game has true epic storyline each different for classes…

Wikingking says:

This maybe an odd question, but can any of you remember a comment here, which told us to pause the video at a specific point and open some music in a nother tab, and play that while mute this one? It was some hell of an epic music, and you had to pause this one right before Satele enters the bf. Please help :)

elkornu8 says:

Awesome game it didn’t disappoint me at all

VraXkiLLEr says:


iseeifitsgood says:

I cant be the only one thinking that they should make a movie(s) about the old republic esepically if its like this.

SYST3ML3G1T says:

It is a good game i have a level 42 Trooper and a 31 Bounty Hunter

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